March business licenses

Listings, which feature both new and renewed licenses in Bellingham, include business name, licensee name and the business’ physical address. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham. 

Ronald Mattius Siltanen, Ronald Mattius Siltanen, 4625 Cordata Parkway.

Northwest Audio Group, Mark Ashworth, 717 16th St.

Retroelectronicstech, Tom Bump, 2516 Northshore Road.

Myhre’s Exploration Products, Inc., Myhre’s Exploration Products, Inc., 10 Fawn Court.

Heidi Mosbarger, Heidi Mosbarger, 760 Old Samish Road.

Hopity Jooby, Sherri Ann Hansen, 3044 Edens Ave.

The Green Tiki Cannabis Company, Christy S Stanley, 4131 Hannegan Rd Ste 102.

Polished By Amy, Amy Lyn Loos, 4764 Parker St.

Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts, Erika Lucienne D Rado, 1903 D St.

Khush Kush, Sunny Enterprises, Inc., 4562 Meridian St.

Earthwood Creations, Jonathan C Vanhouten, 1315 W North St.

Up River Productions, Tyson J Gebauer, 2620 Racine St.

Rsin Metal Works, David Matthew Gehrcke, 1119 Roland St.

Rowena Lau, Rowena Lau, 517 Clover Lane

C&C Twinspirations, Cheryl Jean Hepker, 800 11th St.

Sv Construction Corporation, Sv Construction Corporation, 5895 Laurel Ridge Way.

Whole Foods Market, Whole Foods Market Pacific Northwest, Inc., 1030 Lakeway Drive.

Happy Valley Land Development, Happy Valley Land Development, LLC, 1912 Mill Ave.

Friendship Diversion Services, Friendship Diversion Services, 114 W Magnolia St Ste 432.

Jg Hansen, Inc, Jg Hansen, Inc., 3547 Lakeway Drive.

Integration Counseling, Dan A Dahlberg, 1313 E Maple St.

Insight Controls Inc, Insight Controls Inc, 2314 Birch St.

Douglas Ryan Perry, Douglas Ryan Perry, 702 Kentucky St Unit 151.

Pegasus Transportation, Inc., Pegasus Transportation, Inc., 921 Cornwall Ave.

Herbal Legends Cannabis, Healthy Living Center, L.L.C., 2518 Meridian St.

Bahia Transportation LLC, Bahia Transportation LLC, 3915 Springland Lane

Ogun Tech, Natasha Ray Arani, 1416 16th St.

Marshall Marine Services, Michael Joshua Marshall, 2008 Donovan Ave.

David Charles Furniss, David Charles Furniss, 2430 Northshore Road.

Soulcraft, LLC, Soulcraft, LLC, 2301 Victor St.

Gre Professional, Genaro D Shaffer, 11 Bellwether Way.

High Above, John Canfield, 4424 Alice St.

Open Arm’s Care, Beth Anderson, 3316 Alderwood Ave.

Goat Mountain, Cc Food Company LLC, 211 W Holly St.

Movement Mortgage, LLC, Movement Mortgage, LLC, 12 Bellwether Way Suite 108.

Movement Mortgage, LLC, Movement Mortgage, LLC, 2915 Newmarket St Ste 104.

Pocket Soup, John Henry Gilbert, 2614 Utter St.

2020 Solutions, All Spark Inc., 4264 Pacific Hwy.

Marigg LLC, Marigg LLC, 446 W Horton Rd Ste B.

Viscro Holdings, Viscro Holdings LLC, 456 W Horton Road.

Bellingham Girls Rock Camp, Bellingham Girls Rock Camp, 631 N Forest St.

Lori Nash LLC, Lori Nash LLC, 1140 10th St Ste 211.

Pizzazza, LLC, Pizzazza, LLC, 3910 Bennett Drive.

Abbey Garden Tea Room, Abbey Garden Enterprises LLC, 1312 11th St.

Forest Bailey, Inc., Forest Bailey, Inc., 2210 Rimland Drive Ste 101.

Pacific Northwest Urology Specialists, PLLC, Pacific Northwest Urology Specialists, PLLC, 3232 Squalicum Parkway.

Burrard Holdings, LLC, Burrard Holdings, LLC, 3701 E Connecticut St.

Whatcom Queer Teen Shelter, Whatcom Queer Teen Shelter, 1334 Ellis St.

Northern Consulting Services, LLC, Northern Consulting Services, LLC, 3701 E Connecticut St.

Growhouses Washington, LLC, Growhouses Washington, LLC, 3701 E Connecticut St.

Pete’s Painting, Peter J Ruble, 1252 Nevada St.

Jerid James Lewton, Jerid James Lewton, 2005 Kentucky St.

West Coast Pops, West Coast Pops, LLC, 120 W Holly St.

Legasea LLC, Legasea LLC, 2615 S Harbor Loop Drive.

Green Truck Seyed Salehi, LLC, Green Truck Seyed Salehi, LLC, 921 Cornwall Ave.

M. S. Erlich Md, LLC, M.S.Erlich, Md, LLC, 12 Bellwether Way Ste 223.

Pita Pit, Savage Pita Inc., 2410 James St.

Grover Cortes Auto Group, Inc., Grover Cortes Auto Group, Inc., 3891 Northwest Ave.

Refugee Communities Center, Refugee Communities Center, 424 Westerly Road.

Bellingham Modern Quilt Guild, Bellingham Modern Quilt Guild, 1205 Birch Falls Drive.

Nwmodernfab, LLC, Nwmodernfab, LLC, 4009 Irongate Road.

The Salon, Aminah Ahmed Mansoor, 314 E Holly St Ste 100.

H&H Powersports, LLC, H&H Powersports, LLC, 2001 Masonry Way Ste 101.

Joleen Schelinski, Joleen Adelide Schelinski, 110 E Chestnut St.

Bellingham Glass & Door Inc, Bellingham Glass & Door Inc, 2215 Midway Ln Ste 108.

Luckys Speed Shop, LLC, Luckys Speed Shop, LLC, 503 W Laurel Road.

Eagle Sight Training LLC, Eagle Sight Training LLC, 4145 Agate Road.

Diamondback Properties LLC, Diamondback Properties, L.L.C., 745 Cross St.

T Squared Tools, T Squared Tools LLC, 2139 Humboldt St.

Hamilton Construction, Lee Hamilton Leonard, 5574 Noon Road.

Vincent E Foster Phd, Vincent E. Foster Ph.D., L.L.C., 926 Mason St.

Jef Investments LLC, Jef Investments LLC, 4000 Flynn St.

Annabelle And Elfwyn, Annabelle And Elfwyn, Bellingham Farmers Market.

S&J Natural Products Inc., S&J Natural Products Inc., 3382 Topaz Court.

Kristy Scherner- Certified Personal Trainer, LLC, Kristy Scherner- Certified Personal Trainer, LLC, 2920 James St.

Best Coast Builders LLC, Best Coast Builders LLC, 3110 E North St.

One Healing Integrative Medical Center, One Healing Integrative Medical Center LLC, 1111 W Holly St Ste G1.

Take Wing Enterprises, LLC, Take Wing Enterprises, LLC, 1319 Raymond St.

Armor Industrial LLC, Armor Industrial LLC, 1311 Sommerset Court.

Girard St. Computer & Print, Girard St. Computer & Print Services, LLC., 1315 Girard St.

Gp Advantage Inc, Gp Advantage Inc, 960 W Smith Road.

Mt Baker Solar LLC, Mt. Baker Solar LLC, 4921 Guide Meridian.

Conveyor Technologies Holding LLC, Conveyor Technologies Holding LLC, 1111 W Holly St Ste A.

Light House Guardian, Anthony James Scheuner, 2005 Kentucky St.

Fight Lab LLC, Fight Lab LLC, 2101 Grant St.

Murphy Business & Financial Corporation, R & L One Degree, Ltd, 5 Whispering Cedars Court.

Cascadia Deaf Nation LLC, Cascadia Deaf Nation LLC, 424 W Bakerview Rd # 105-322.

Soundless Institute LLC, Soundless Institute LLC, 424 W Bakerview Rd # 105-322.

Snakebyte Enterprises LLC, Snakebyte Enterprises LLC, 3340 Cherrywood Ave.

Moreno And Young Dental, Moreno And Young, D.D.S., P.L.L.C., 3115 Howe Pl Ste 101.

Geospatial Resources, LLC, Geospatial Resources, LLC, 1108 15th St.

Green Truck He LLC, Green Truck He LLC, 921 Cornwall Ave.

Home Shui LLC, Home Shui LLC, 601 W Horton Way.

Hypnotherapy Clinic, Hypnotherapy Clinic, LLC, 1300 W Holly St Ste 210.

Blue Stone General Labor, Rene Garcia Solano, 838 W Axton Road.

Mark Reed, Md And Partners, LLC, Mark Reed, Md And Partners, LLC, 1602 Carolina St Ste B3.

Thurmon Family Limited Partnership, Thurmon Family Limited Partnership, 2915 26th St.

The Giving Agent, The Giving Agent L.L.C., 5471 Bel West Drive.

Village Green Pet Supply LLC, Village Green Pet Supply LLC, 1200 10th St Ste 104.

Green Flooring Solutions, Green Flooring Solutions LLC, 405 Holland Ave.

Advanced Pt Devices LLC, Advanced Pt Devices LLC, 1905 Fraser St.

Rob Rocks Tile & Stone, Robert Perham Heinz, 820 Eaglewood Lane

Aero Properties Real Estate Services LLC, Aero Properties Real Estate Services LLC, 2500 Elm St Ste 16.

David B Miller, David B Miller, 3809 Alabama St.

M17 Hair Designs/ Barber Shack, Kyle Mathew Nicks, 2610 W Maplewood Ave.

Hundred North, Hundred North LLC, 100 N Commercial St.

T&S Construction, T&S Construction, 3060 Haxton Way.

Buenos ‘DILLAS, Brandon Brown, 607 E Smith Road.

Robert M Hutchings, Robert M Hutchings, 910 Harris Ave Ste 102.

Inside Out Studio, Inside Out Exercise LLC, 103 E Holly St Ste 405.

Casey Cornmesser, Casey Alan Cornmesser, 1409 Bradley Lane

The Reuben Haus Northwest, One-Twelve Food Services, 2004 Niagara Drive.

Sofine Media, Brandt Milczewski, 3011 St Clair St.

Cachet Design LLC, Cachet Design LLC, 445 S State St.

Pique Properties LLC, Pique Properties LLC, 3405 Sitka Court.

Bellingham It, Inc., Bellingham It, Inc., 203 E Laurel Road.

Ryan Marino, Lmp, Ryan Marino, 215 W Holly St.

Semiahmoo Studio LLC, Semiahmoo Studio LLC, 301 W Holly St.

Cassi The Barber, Cassandra Lynn Clemens, 2711 Meridian St.

Max Morin Design, Max Daniel Morin, 416 N State St.

Patty’s Cleaning, Dayana Hernandez, 2527 Verona St.

Cybergraphix Animation LLC, Cybergraphix Animation LLC, 1513 E St Ste 103.

Meier Maintenance, Warren J Meier, 710 E Maryland St.

Skyepuppy2016, Brendan Michael Gabriel, 4091 Oriental Lane

Kimberly’s Confections, Kimberly Seitz, 4033 Belltown Court.

Elizabeth Watt, Psy.D., LLC, Elizabeth Watt, Psy.D., LLC, 1715 E Maple St.

Browdbyb, Brooke Miller, 1201 Cornwall Ave.

Ace Pressure Instrument Services, Troy Blaine, 1910 Ponderosa Drive.

Boomer! Rides, Colby Stice, 5128 Aldrich Road.

Heather Stevenson Computer Consulting, Heather Diane Stevenson, 17 Marina Drive.

Journeyquest3, LLC, Journeyquest3, LLC, 103 E Holly St Ste 413.

Tara Caldwell Consulting, PLLC, Tara Caldwell Consulting, PLLC, 3904 Springland Lane

Northblessed Minerals, Jonathon Manering-Bashaw, 1827 Northshore Drive.

Barbara Jenks, Barbara Jenks, 4530 Harrison St.

Epic Phone Repair, Epic Phone Repair, 202 E Holly St Ste 114.

Acosta’s Cleaning Service, Claudia Juana Acosta, 5227 Everson Goshen Road.

Emmerick’s Plumbing Contractor, Eric Patrick Emmerick, 247a Sudden Valley Drive.

Itzel LLC, Itzel LLC, 3815 Primrose Ln.

Curious Creativ Media, Amanda L Haslip, 2215 Midway Ln Ste 108.

The Yogi Chef, Scott Ronald Anderson, 1794 Swamp Creek Lane

Sterling Usa, Inc., Sterling Usa, Inc., 562 W Lake Samish Drive.

Green Paws, LLC, Green Paws, LLC, 2600 Donovan Ave.

Decadent Duck, Eric Drommer, 529 32nd St.

Viva Boat Charters, Potter Street Cottages LLC, 2615 S Harbor Loop Drive.

Magically Hip, Gregory Richard Schwartz, 407 W Holly St.

Yoga Bird Services, Amanda Michelle Maclean, 4003 Silver Beach Ave.

Campbell Farms Business Solutions, William A Campbell, 2427 Kentucky St.

Ranch And Coastal Properties, Georgia Ann Johnson, Inc, 1005 15th St.

Clark Insurance Group, Swasea Javan Clark, 4209 Archer Dr.

Magic Maids We Make Dirt Disappers, Karen Paola Ramirez, 459 Westerly Road.

R.D. Abbott Company, Inc, R.D. Abbott Company, Inc, 4788 Nettle Lane

Stacy Graves Re LLC, Stacy Graves Re LLC, 11 Bellwether Way Ste 201.

Elin Smith, Elin Smith, 1155 N State St Ste 108.

Finger Painting For Grownups, Finger Painting For Grownups, LLC, 301 W Holly St Ste 8.

Lake Whatcom Triathlon, Marc Blake, 4202 Springland Lane

Fischerfinch, Marc Sanders, 623 Gladstone St.

Marny’s Confection Obsession, Marlena Lynn Olsen, 517 Linden Road.

Woodland Toddler Program, Woodland Toddler Program, 1489 Marine Drive.

Hannah Thames Cano, Hannah Thames Cano, 3204 Peabody St.

24hr Taxi LLC, 24hr Taxi LLC, 2550 Cagey Road.

Garden Oasis Inc, Garden Oasis Inc, 1220 Puget St.

Mind Body & Soul Massage, Anna M Schemstad, 4602 Curtis Road.

Girl & Companies, LLC, Girl & Companies, LLC, 60 N Point Drive.

Myers Electric, Timothy Joseph Myers, 1109 Undine St.

Bella By Gabriella, Gabriella Maria Boulos, 505 32nd St Ste 105.

Vanderyacht Consulting, Jill Vanderyacht, 2144 Birch Cir.

Vermeda M. Fred, Mft, Mfa, Vermeda Fred, 1715 C St.

B-Iii Glass, B-Iii Glass, 4211 Dumas Ave.

Nsb Design LLC, Nsb Design LLC, 3722 Dana St.

Reeds Reindeer Dogs, Maegan Leann Reed, 444 S State St.

Whatcom Hoopla, Whatcom Hoopla LLC, 3000 Northwest Ave.

Transparency Bookkeeping, Marcus Campbell, 1213 Whatcom St.

Erin Land, Erin Land, 1303 Astor St.

Move2lean, Move2lean LLC, 530 Briar Road.

College Pro Painters Cmp 2016, Colton Matthew Price, 1820 Fairhaven Ave.

College Pro Painters Jpw 2016, John Porter Rustila Wilcox, Jr., 516 High St.

Bernal Construction, Antonio Bernal, 3227 Racine St.

Chris Hawson Outdoor Consultant LLC, Chris Hawson Outdoor Consultant LLC, 2619 Michigan St.

Simple Build Construction, Simple Build Construction LLC, 1614 Iron St.

Samiullah Azizi, Samiullah Azizi, 516 Darby Dr.

Snapworks Photography And Design, Mikhaila Thornton, 625 N Garden St.

661.Org, David Griffith, 5318 Bellaire Drive.

Vicki’s Loving Care, Lynn Luke Vicki, 4000 Flynn St.

Christopher L Black, Christopher L Black, 1203 W Holly St.

Vicsknit’s, Vicsknit’s, 41 Sudden Valley Drive.

Jennifer Lindstrom, Jennifer Kristine Lindstrom, 2516 Northshore Road.

At Your Service, Susan Clarice Wills, 3223 Greenwood Ave.

Trusty Trimm, Trusty Trimm, 2621 Undine St.

Manthey Momentum Sports Performance Training LLC, Manthey Momentum Sports Performance Training LLC, 4058 Hammer Dr.

B Bay Running, Bellingham Bay Running Company, LLC, 1431 N State St.

Tara Mcdonald, Tara Mcdonald, 1116 Key St.

Fixman, Andrey Manita, 2236 Yew St.

Friend Sustainability, Lisa Marie Friend, 2833 Birchwood Ave.

All Is Radness, All Is Radness Foundation, 5027 Samish Way.

Eleven Northwest, Ayla Joy Love, 2745 Sunset Drive.

Zen Yoga, Ross Hansen, 1310 Billy Frank Jr St.

Sp Photos, Susanne Elizabeth Pavlyuk, 1020 Railroad Ave.

Danielle Gibbs Accounting Services, Danielle Georgeanne Gibbs, 2526 Grant St.

Nancy Dubois Designs, Nancy Lee Dubois, 4227 Wintergreen Cir.

Syreeta Zotigh, Syreeta Zotigh, 2801 Summer St.

Alderwood Builders, LLC, Alderwood Builders, LLC, 3216 Alderwood Ave.

Jimmy’s Vietnamese Sandwich Shop, Bryan Glen Mcdonald, 1323 11th St.

Hoverspork Productions, Steven Mizer, 1251 Nevada St.

Elite Fence & Gate Repair, Karl Johnson, 3856 Robby Court.

Serendipity Tutoring, Melissa Faye Horner, 1338 Humboldt St.

Scott Allen, Scott Allen, 205 Sea Pines Lane

Green Heron Chocolates LLC, Green Heron Chocolates LLC, 3004 Birchwood Ave.

A-Team Handyman Services LLC, A-Team Handyman Services, LLC, 809 W Orchard Dr Ste 8.

Nfy, LLC, Nfy, LLC, 2839 Humboldt St.

Kath’s Accessories, Kath’s Accessories Co., 1 Bellis Fair Parkway.

Susan Haines Pilates And Dance Kinesiology, Susan Elizabeth Haines, 1405 Fraser St.

Perks Work, Perks Work, 1213 Whatcom St.

Alex’s Kitchen And Catering, Alexander Arseneau, 2424 Jaeger St.

Nails And Airbrush Tannning By Lacey, Lacey Anne Robinson, 1333 Lincoln St Ste 3.

Brien Friedman, Brien Friedman, 517 32nd St.

Bastow & Associates Inc, Bastow & Associates Inc., 1221 Puget St.

Clean And Green Landscapes, Erik Christophe Sherman, 1316 Andrea Court.

Tara Jeane Platz, Tara Jeane Platz, 1229 Cornwall Ave Ste 303.

Paul Edward Oleniacz, Paul Edward Oleniacz, 14 N Point Drive.

Celine Mauger, Celine Mauger, 4635 Wade St.

Cal Tek Solutions, Calvin Michael Cox, 2420 Claudia Court.

Marli Williams, LLC, Marli Williams, LLC, 1150 Franklin St.

Evergreen Psychiatry, LLC, Evergreen Psychiatry, LLC, 801 Samish Way.

Gypsee Grace Massage Therapy, Amy Terhune, 1012 Dupont St.

Veronica Griggs, Veronica Griggs, 115 W Magnolia St Ste 204.

Top Flight, Top Flight, 1507 Austin Lane

Writeheidiwrite, Heidi Kenyon, 1907 38th St.

Physician Educators, Peter Gordon Coggan, 480 S State St.

It Nails And Boutique, Lanh Nguyen, 2925 Newmarket St Ste 104.

Thrillingham, Thrillingham, 1133 Grant St.

Glitterati Farms & Services, Joyce L White, 3600 Lakeway Drive.

The Little Red Hen & Company, The Little Red Hen & Company, LLC, 3016 Bennett Drive.

Campaign Clothing, Campaign Clothing LLC, 1517 Texas St.

Michael Buethorn, Michael Buethorn, 5222 Aldrich Road.

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