Millworks Cohousing

What they said then:

Back in July 2008, The BBJ wrote about a group of Bellingham residents who banded together to develop a 1.7-acre lot in Happy Valley as a cohousing development. The group had just purchased the site at 2600 Mill Ave. and was working through the initial stages of designing the project with Aiki Homes.

The plan was to build eight to 10 houses alongside the original house on the property and arrange them in a way that is less cookie-cutter than standard suburban developments. Parking would be grouped in one area, rather than in front of each house.


What they say now:

Millworks Cohousing applied in mid-May for building permits for six houses and the necessary site improvements.

“Our initial target date was the beginning of May, so we’re doing pretty good,” said group member Perry Fizzano. “We’re still looking for one more household and we’re still working through financing options, but we felt confident enough that we went ahead and submitted for permits.”

The plan is to start construction by this fall, but that could get pushed to next spring if financing becomes an issue, Fizzano said.


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