MIT45 Reviews – Do MIT 45 Kratom Products Work or Cheap Brand?

Kratom Products have become popular due to their immense promise and potential. Many say the products improve mood, tranquility, euphoria,...

Kratom Products have become popular due to their immense promise and potential. Many say the products improve mood, tranquility, euphoria, and focus and help relieve chronic pain.

If you get the right Kratom products from a reputable company, you will experience the full benefits. MIT45 Kratom Products are among the leading in the market. They include Kratom liquids, capsules, and powder.

The Kratom leaves are sourced from the most potent and pure source to ensure final quality products.

The following MIT45 review will help you understand how the products work, their ingredients, benefits, pros, cons, pricing, and guarantee.

What is MIT45?

MIT45 manufactures a range of Kratom extracts, which include liquid, capsules, and leaf-form supplements that have various benefits for overall health.

Kratom products have a combination of unique ingredients to improve your health status. MIT45 products have become popular because each supplement is manufactured with dedication and transparency.

The products have benefits such as pain relief, improved mood, and increased focus and tranquility. MIT45 products are 100% vegan-friendly and GMO-free. The supplements undergo vigorous testing in a recognized lab.

The extracts are manufactured in a pharmaceutical-grade lab, complying with good manufacturing practices and meeting the MIT45 seal of approval. The company has a triple purification process on each MIT45 product to ensure purity and potency.

About the Manufacturer

MIT45 is the brand that manufactures Kratom products. The company prides itself on producing high-quality products. They work closely with farmers across Asia to give the best final products.

MIT45 brand collaborated with farmers to provide farm infrastructure to get the best raw Kratom leaves. The company uses tried and tested techniques to separate the most potent compounds and deliver unmatched quality. The products undergo a triple purification process to give full-spectrum extracts.

MIT45 ensures that all products meet the industry’s leading standards for safety and quality by testing in an accredited third-party lab. The Kratom products comply with the GMP standards and meet the MIT45 Gold Seal of Approval.

How Does MIT45 Work?

Kratom is a tropical tree mainly found in Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Borneo. The term Kratom means dried leaves, which are derived from trees. The leaves have been used for years as botanical, and the teas are used for various ceremonies.

The use of Kratom leaves has increased over the years, making the trees scarce in those areas. Kratom trees grow very tall, about fifty feet high, but they can be taller.

MIT45 brand has been working closely with farmers across Southeast Asia to provide the best raw Kratom. The brand controls the raw material from farm to manufacturing. The extracts are packed as raw fresh leaves and capsules.

The most potent Kratom comes from MIT45 liquid products. They have a significant alkaloid responsible for binding opioid receptors and activating them. Once activated, they respond with effects like sedation and analgesia.

A small amount of MIT45 products has more substantial effects; you will be relieved from pain. Kratom kicks instantly with its sweet and herbal aroma. After that, a strong sedation and analgesic effect will settle in and work on your mood, making you feel euphoric and calm, and tranquility will kick in.

The Products in MIT45

MIT45 has many Kratom liquids, capsules, and raw leaf products. Each product is obtained from a natural source. Here are the contents:

MIT45 Kratom Liquids

Kratom liquids are created from pure Kratom extract, the most potent in the market. Each product undergoes a triple purification process to ensure users get the desired benefits. The liquid Kratom has 45% mitragynine content, a major alkaloid.

The liquid dose hits your stomach within seconds and is processed immediately. You can take Kratom liquids while on the move and experience faster and more intense results.

Kratom liquids will give you a high powder can’t due to its high fast absorption rate. A single shot will provide you with an instant Kratom hit. The liquids are flavored so that you won’t taste the Kratom extract’s natural taste. There is no mess weighing Kratom liquids because it’s a ready-to-drink shot.

MIT45 Kratom Boost

MIT45 Kratom Boost is the cheapest and most basic Kratom liquid. The boost contains 150mg of Kratom extracts alkaloids and an increase of caffeine to give you an energizing experience. The product is perfect for a beginner, giving you a little hit without overwhelming effects.

MIT45 Go Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot

MIT45 Go Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot contains 150mg of mitragynine extract perfectly combined with honey, orange and cinnamon. It does not contain caffeine; therefore not suitable if you want to feel energized.

MIT45 Gold Liquid Kratom Shot

MIT45 Gold Liquid Kratom Shot contains a 250mg full-spectrum of 45% mitragynine extract.

MIT45 Super K Kratom Shot

MIT45 Super K Kratom Shot comes in a 30ml bottle. It has a whole 600mg mitragynine extract. It is a middle ground between Gold Liquid and Super K Extra Strong shots.

MIT45 Super K Extra Strong Shot

MIT45 Super K Extra Strong Shot is the best of all Kratom liquids on the market. The product contains a whole 1300mg of mitragynine extract. It is not a product for beginners.

MIT45 Kratom Capsules

MIT45 Kratom Capsules act super-fast and deliver long-lasting results. The contents of the capsules include turmeric, white pepper, and ginger. Capsules take longer to absorb and digest compared to liquid shots.

MIT45 Gold Capsules

MIT45 Gold Capsules have 45% mitragynine extract perfectly blended with elm bark, ginger root, and black pepper.

MIT45 Red Vein Capsules

MIT45 Red Vein Capsules is the best-selling 0.5mg Kratom capsule with raw leaf Kratom extract. As reported by consumers, the average usage is 1 gram or two capsules per day.

MIT45 Green Vein Capsules

MIT45 Green Vein Capsules contain 0.5mg of Kratom extract per capsule. It is a middle ground between Red Vein and White Vein Capsules.

MIT45 White Vein Capsules

MIT45 White Vein Capsules is the least potent Kratom capsule suitable for beginners, containing 0.5mg of Kratom extract per capsule. The average reported dosage is 1 gram or two capsules.

MIT45 Raw Leaf

You can use MIT45 Raw Leaf to create a custom Kratom blend. Consumers can choose the amount and type of MIT45 raw powder that meets their requirements.

The leaf powder contains the highest botanicals in the market, adhering to the MIT45 industry-leading standards.

MIT45 Red Vein Powder

MIT45 Red Vein Powder is the best-selling in the market. Each jar has 125 grams of Kratom powder. The average reported dosage is 1 gram.

MIT45 Green Vein Powder

MIT45 Green Vein Powder is a balanced option between red and white Kratom powder.

MIT45 White Vein Powder

MIT45 White Vein Powder is the least potent Kratom powder strain, perfect for new users. Each jar contains 125 grams of powder.

Understanding the Kratom Strains

Kratom leaves belong to the mitragyna speciosa family but differ depending on their chemical build-up. There are three strains based on the color of the leaves. Here are the strains and their properties:

White Vein

White Vein is the youngest strain of Kratom leaves. It has the shortest harvesting cycle and provides mild sedation. White Vein is perfect for new users looking to improve their quality of life. You can gradually switch to green and red strains depending on the results.

Green Vein

Green Vein is a perfect balance between red and white strains. The green leaves are given more time to mature than the white leaves. The strain is suitable for those who want to transition from white strain but do not want to go all in or those who prefer red strain but want to take a step back.

Red Vein

Red Vein Kratom is known for its potency and efficacy. It comes from fully matured Kratom leaves and takes longer to be harvested.

The leaves get enough sunlight, which affects how the plant grows. The red strain gives an intense euphoria. New users are advised to take Red Vein Kratom in minimal doses and gradually go up from there.

The Benefits of MIT45 Products


Euphoria is the first prominent effect of MIT45 products. It makes you do things you wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. Some users say that Kratom products make them friendly, chatty, and happy. It helps conquer your anxiety and fear.

Pain Relief

All strains of Kratom leaves offer pain relief. MIT45 gives a pain-relief effect. After 10 minutes of taking the product, you will get relief from chronic pain, and in 20 minutes, the euphoric effect will kick in.

Those who suffer from chronic pain are advised only to take a small amount because the euphoric effect can be intense and to avoid addiction.

Mood Boost

You can use MIT45 products to boost your mood significantly when you feel low due to stress. The Kratom products will leave you smiling again. If your work involves interacting with clients, you might need MIT45 products to keep you smiling all day long.

Energy Boost

Energy is essential to remain productive at work and even in bed. You can use MIT45 products to boost your energy before an intense workout. MIT45 increases power; no matter your age, you will have a youthful vibrancy and vigor.

Provide Focus

MIT45 Kratom Liquids are known to be effective in boosting focus. If your work needs a lot of your brain, then you need Kratom products to stay focused and finish your work without interruptions. You can control your concentration and productivity.

Reduce Stress

With the modern lifestyle, many factors cause everyday stress in our lives. MIT45 products will help you stay happy and reduce stress. You will experience a feeling of calmness and tranquility about two hours after use.

How to Use MIT45 Products

All MIT45 products are induced through the mouth. However, the company does not include directions for use. Customers must research and decide which Kratom product to use and the dosage.

The customer entirely handles the dosage. New users should consider taking small doses of the white strain and gradually increase the quantity or move to the next strain depending on the level of effect they want.

You will experience a strong taste and aroma that will warm your body once the product is ingested. Within the first 10 minutes, the analgesic effect will kick in, and after 20 minutes, you will experience a euphoric effect and elevated mood. You might feel hungry and want to munch something. After 2 hours, you will have a long-term effect of calmness and tranquility.

It would help if you also considered your weight, age, and medical condition when taking Kratom products. The average reported dosage is 1 gram or two capsules daily. Each user will experience different effects; therefore, be careful when determining your appropriate dosage.

There are no reported side effects of MIT45 products. However, you should consult your doctor before taking any Kratom products and be on the lookout for potential side effects. Do not take MIT45 products if you are under 18, pregnant or lactating.

MIT45 Pros

  • MIT45 Kratom liquids are the fastest-acting Kratom liquids on the market
  • MIT45 Company uses state-of-the-art extraction methods for purity and potency
  • All MIT45 products go through a third-party lab to test for safety and quality
  • MIT45 products come with a satisfaction guarantee
  • MIT45 Kratom products are safe, pure, and effective
  • You can carry all MIT45 Kratom products effortlessly wherever you go
  • All MIT45 products are easy to consume
  • The products smell and taste better than other Kratom brands
  • The company has a triple purification process to ensure the products are free from harmful chemicals
  • You can choose your preferred MIT45 products from the liquids, capsules, and powders
  • The manufacturing of the products complies with GMP standards
  • The price of MIT45 Kratom Products is reasonable for regular use

MIT45 Cons

  • MIT45 products are only available online on the official website
  • The manufacturer does not provide directions for use. Customers do their research and decide how to use the MIT45 products
  • Kratom is not legal in some parts of the world

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

MIT45 products are available on the official website. Here are the prices for each product:

Buy MIT45 Kratom Boost

  • 1-pack at $6.97
  • 6-pack at $ 41.82
  • 12-pack at $ 79.46
  • 24-pack at $ 150.55
  • 36-pack at $213.28

Buy MIT45 Go Black Kratom

  • 1-pack at $11.97
  • 6-pack at $71.82
  • 12-pack at $136.46
  • 24-pack at $258.55
  • 36-pack at $366.28

Buy MIT45 Gold Kratom

  • 1-pack at $21.97
  • 6-pack at $131.82
  • 12-pack at $250.46
  • 24-pack at $474.55
  • 36-pack at $672.28

Buy MIT45 Super K Kratom

  • 1-pack at $14.97
  • 6-pack at $89.92
  • 12-pack at $170.66
  • 24-pack at $323.35
  • 36-pack at $458.08

Buy MIT45 Super K Extra Strong

  • 1-pack at $26.97
  • 6-pack at $161.82
  • 12-pack at $307.46
  • 24-pack at $582.55
  • 36-pack at $825.28

Buy MIT45 Gold Capsules

  • Two capsules at $21.97
  • Six capsules at $39.97

Buy MIT45 Red Vein Capsules

  • 125 capsules at $25.97
  • 250 capsules at $39.97

Buy MIT45 Green Vein Capsules

  • 125 capsules at $25.97
  • 250 capsules at $39.97

Buy MIT45 White Vein Capsules

  • 125 capsules at $25.97
  • 250 capsules at $39.97

Buy MIT45 Red Vein powder

  • 125g at $25.97
  • 250g at $39.97

Buy MIT45 Green Vein Powder

  • 125g at $25.97
  • 250g at $39.97

Buy MIT45 White Vein Powder

  • 125g at $25.97
  • 250g at $39.97

If you are interested in purchasing a large order, contact the MIT45 sales team to get the wholesale pricing. You can buy Kratom products if you are in the USA. However, selling the products is prohibited in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. It’s also banned in Sarasota County, Union County, Denver, and San Diego.

The shipping fee is free for orders above $50, and you will get your package within 5-7 business days.

MIT45 Guarantee

A 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee covers each MIT45 Kratom Product. If you are unhappy with any product, contact the customer support team at SUPPORT@MIT45.COM and get a full refund. Only ship your return after contacting the company.

MIT45 Conclusion

MIT45 Kratom Product has a 45% mitragynine concentration, which is very potent and provides beneficial effects. The ingredients are 100% natural and safe. The products come in ranges and can be purchased depending on your feelings. The white Kratom strain is recommended for beginners.

All the products are vegan-friendly, chemical-free, and GMO-free. You don’t have to worry about prescriptions. The dosage depends on the user’s preference.

MIT45 Kratom Products are manufactured in a certified independent lab. The manufacturing process includes a triple purification technique to ensure 100% purity and quality.

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