Mount Baker Theatre announces new board members

Bob Brim, Dennis Cattrell, Rick Luke and Megan Stanfield have joined the Mount Baker Theatre board of directors.

Each of the new board members will serve three-year terms starting July 1.

Robert Brim is CEO of Dealer Information Systems Corporation, a computer software company he and several others founded in 1980.

Dennis Cattrell is a retired theater arts professor. He was the first chair of the Theatre Arts Department at Western Washington University and also played a role in the creation of the College of Fine and Performing Arts.

Cattrell is also currently involved in local radio and theater productions.

Rick Luke is a retired police officer who spent his career in Bellingham.

Luke also has a long history as a pilot. In 2003, he was inducted into the Washington State Aviation Hall of Fame.

Megan Stanfield is a private banker with Wells Fargo.

Stanfield is a past president and board member of the Lynden Chamber of Commerce and currently serves on the Whatcom Family YMCA board of directors.

Retiring from the board on June 30 are Janice Butler and Jan Marchbanks. Both served on the board for six years. Butler also served as the board’s president during her term.

The Mount Baker Theatre 2012-2013 Board of Directors:

Daniel Larner—President
Matt Rose—Vice President
John Pedlow—Treasurer
Wendy Bohlke—Secretary
Bob Brim
Jane Carten
Dennis Catrell
Brad Cornwell
Brian Finnegan
William Gerrie
Ann Kaiser
Rick Luke
Megan Stanfield
John Templeton
Mark Thoma
Susan Delana Walker
Edwin Williams
Seth Fleetwood – Ex-Officio (Bellingham City Council)
Dave Graham – Ex-Officio (Mount Baker Theatre STARS)
Daniel G. Guyette – Ex-Officio (Western Washington University)

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