My Back Pain Coach Reviews – Real Back Pain Relief Program by Ian Hart?

Many adults currently live with chronic back pain because they feel that it’s just part of getting older and an...

Many adults currently live with chronic back pain because they feel that it’s just part of getting older and an unavoidable consequence of aging. In almost all cases, however, this is not true – back pain is not something anyone has to live with. An exciting new program is being offered to relieve most kinds of back pain, and all that’s required is performing eight stretching exercises lasting two minutes each as a regular part of your day. That’s a 16-minute investment that nets you a pain-free, flexible back that will allow you to carry out all your normal daily activities. This article will discuss the attributes of My Back Pain Coach and what it can do for you.

What is ‘My Back Pain Coach’?

‘My Back Pain Coach’ is a program that will guide you through some practices that can help finally relieve your back pain once and for all. It includes a core training video that will constitute an exercise program for life that will help free you from the back pain you may have had for years. In this same package, you’ll get nine targeted videos of specific stretches and exercises that keep your back muscles loose and flexible and provide regular relief cumulatively.

If you run into any issues using the videos or aren’t sure how to do them, you’ll have a direct line to contact pain specialists, so they can help you with the answers you need. You’ll also get a ‘Begin Your Day’ program which details what you should be doing after wake-up each day to get through another day with no back pain.

How does it work?

Just by following the instructions in the videos of this package, you will achieve startling results that leave you free of all back pain. The videos will guide you through several essential exercises and stretches, all designed to relieve pain without taking any medications or painkillers. Besides the activities, some videos treat specialized areas such as sciatica, which afflicts many people and often triggers chronic back pain.

There’s also a Relief for Life video that will help you maintain your back in its best possible condition simply by relieving pressure on the nerves of the spinal system. Many people have sedentary jobs requiring them to be seated for eight hours every day, and this package will counteract all the harmful effects that kind of inactivity can bring. All those muscles that are ignored on the job get some much-needed attention in these videos, and it will wake your muscles up and get them performing as they should.

Features and Benefits

Here’s everything you get with the My Back Pain Coach program, in addition to the personal coaching if needed:

  • Core training video to guide you through a short back pain relief session
  • 9 video sessions focusing on various stretches and exercises designed to relieve nerve pressure and use dormant back muscles
  • Sciatica video that discusses what it is, why it happens, and what you can do to relieve the condition
  • Relief for Life video that shows you how to counteract all the sitting you’re obliged to do on the job
  • Begin Your Day program that starts you off on the right foot every day
  • Confidence from knowing that you’re finally doing something to help your back, without medications or surgeries

Where to buy it?

You can only purchase this guide online from the official website to avoid counterfeit. This program is not available in stores, so you’ll have to order it online, and then you can expect the prompt shipment to your door within a matter of days. All the videos will be included in the package, and you’ll also have instant online access to them if you misplace one of the package videos. If you have any questions you can contact customer service via email at

How much does it cost?

The whole program costs significantly below $100. It’s only $67 for all the videos and personal coaching mentioned above. This is quite a bargain, especially considering that any back treatment will generally cost you $100 just for a doctor to examine your back. If you have to pay for any medications or surgeries, it might cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Stack that up against the mere $67 you spend for the My Back Pain Coach program, and it becomes a fantastic value.

Side effects and Risk

Some people will develop sore muscles after using the video program, which stands to reason since they’re probably exercising muscles that haven’t been used in years. However, all soreness should dissipate within a few days, and then all you’ll feel is the absence of pain and a good feeling about how you’re finally managing your back pain successfully. Any time you participate in some exercise program, there’s a chance you could pull a muscle or somehow hurt yourself. If you consult your family doctor before starting this program, you’ll know whether you’re healthy enough to create and experience all its benefits.

Conclusion and Refund Policy

The program comes with an exclusive 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the product – for any reason whatsoever – you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple. They have a no-questions-asked policy on returns because the author is very confident you will love this product and what it can do for you. However, if it just doesn’t provide the relief you were looking for, they’ll offer a full refund of your money. You’ll even get to keep all program components to show our good faith. The author is so sure it will work for you that they can offer this comprehensive guarantee because they want all customers to be 100% happy. Visit the official website to learn more!

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