New report shows nonprofits pay 8.4 percent of Whatcom County wages

If the nonprofit sector was its own industry, it would be the fourth largest in the state behind retail trade, manufacturing, and accommodations and food services, according to a report released March 23 by Washington Nonprofits, the state association for the nonprofit sector.

In Whatcom County in 2013, a total of 205 nonprofits paid out $287.1 million, or 8.4 percent of total wages, according to the report. Twelve counties ranked higher than Whatcom County for percent of wages attributable to the nonprofit sector. Washington state has 39 counties.

The report also shows that in 2013, 20.3 percent of Whatcom County wages came from government jobs and 71.3 percent were attributed to the private sector. According to the data, Whatcom County ranks 32nd in percent of wages coming from government jobs and tenth in the percent of wages coming from the private sector.

Washington Nonprofits worked with the state Employment Security Department’s Labor Market and Performance Analysis division to produce the report using data from the Employment Security Department’s 2013 Census of Jobs and Wages, the most recent annual data available, according to a press release from Washington Nonprofits.

Statewide, nonprofits paid out more than $11 billion in wages in 2013, or 7.1 percent of total wages. They generated more than 218,500 jobs, or about 7.4 percent of all jobs in the state.

In six counties, nonprofits paid more than 10 percent of total wages in 2013, including:

15.1 percent in Asotin County;
11.1 percent in Clallam County;
12.2 percent in Pacific County;
12.5 percent in Pierce County;
11.3 percent in Stevens County; and
16.5 percent in Walla Walla.

Click here to see the full interactive report. 


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