New WWU minor will cover digital-product user interfaces

Western Washington University will begin offering a new minor this fall that will cover the conceptualization and design of user interfaces for digital products.

The minor, titled User Experience Design, or UXD, is intended for industrial design, psychology, design and Computer Science majors.

According to WWU, the intent is for each student to be prepared to work in professional multi-disciplinary teams designing user experiences. Students will be able to cross-communicate using the various languages and terminology of each discipline and be able to understand the unique perspective and alternative approaches that each discipline provides.

At the end, students will have a comprehensive design project to show prospective employers.

Jason Morris, an associate professor of engineering technology at WWU, said that the predicted enrollment of this minor is high, so a cap may be necessary to limit enrollment, with only 15  to 18 candidates accepted per year. Selection will be done through an application process and review of transcripts.

The new minor was formed with the collaboration of the four departments and advised by industry professionals from Artefact, Intel, Expedia and Microsoft.

For more information , contact Jason Morris at or 360-650-2514, or read more online.

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