NFL players bought gym in Ferndale called Locker Room

Two professional football players from Whatcom County opened a gym in Ferndale.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker and Tampa Bay Buccaneers punter Michael Koenen, along with Wes Herman, owner of The Woods Coffee bought Thrive Community Fitness, next to Haggen at 1859 Main St. in Ferndale. They changed the name to the Locker Room, and opened on Dec. 1.

Thrive’s former owners sold the gym partly because of health issues, Herman said.

Other than the name not much else has changed yet at the gym. Herman said the staff hasn’t changed and the experience for gym members is the same.

“We’re not here to make wholesale changes,” Herman said. “This is about systematic slow change that our members can weigh in on and be a part of.”

The 10,000 square foot gym will be getting new equipment and programs, including NFL training programs for young football players. In their off-season from the NFL, Locker and Koenen will have a “limited but effective” involvement with the gym, Herman said.

“We are really excited about the opportunity to impact the community through a facility that will provide physical support and encouragement along the way,” Locker said in a press release.

Herman has known Locker and Koenen for years, and he called the gym a venture that works for the three of them for different reasons. For Koenen and Locker, it’s an opportunity to diversify, Herman said.

“I don’t think that either one of them are getting ready to hang it up,” Herman said. “The NFL is not like a corporate position where you work for 20 years. It has a limited shelf life and the idea to have something after football is great.”

Herman opened his first The Woods Coffee shop in Lynden in 2002 and now owns 14 locations in Whatcom County, and the first Skagit County location will open this month. He said he sees potential to open other Locker Room gyms in the future.

“If we can perfect this current gym, maybe we can carry this out and have others,” he said. “If opportunities arise, we will take a serious look at each one of those opportunities.

The Locker Room will have a grand opening in January. The Locker Rooms’ owners haven’t set a date yet, but Locker and Koenen will be there.



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