Nimbus owner Josh Silverman opening Dashi Noodle Bar

Bellingham's growing street food scene will soon get an Asian-influenced noodle bar, where customers can choose their own type of...

Former Nimbus owner and chef Josh Silverman is launching a new culinary adventure next week called Dashi Noodle Bar.

Located at 207 Unity St. next door to Ciao Thyme, Dashi Noodle Bar will offer several types of noodle dishes and steamed buns.

“Basically it’s an Asian-influenced street cart at this point,” Silverman said. “It was an idea I’ve wanted to test out for years.”

Customers will be able to pick the type of noodles, meat and broth to go in their soup, then customize with a variety of condiments, including house-made kimchee. The menu will vary each day and people will be able to create dishes such as Vietnamese pho or Japanese ramen.

“I’m not trying to be authentic — I’m just trying to make tasty food that people will enjoy,” Silverman said. “It’s a very customizable concept. I think that’s what people will like about it.”

The restaurant will be open Tuesday through Friday during lunchtime, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Prices will range from $8 to $10. Some outdoor seating will be available when the weather permits, but the restaurant is oriented more toward take-out service.

If Dashi Noodle Bar does well in the first six months, Silverman said he will look for a permanent location with indoor seating.

After closing Nimbus in early July, Silverman said he is excited to be trying something new and to be joining the growing ranks of street food venues.

“Nimbus was a project that I poured my life into for five and a half years. But people’s desires are shifting,” he said, adding that he will keep the same values of fresh, local ingredients with his new endeavor. “People like the sense of authenticity with street food — and it’s usually inexpensive.”

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