Nooksack Nordic Ski Club gets state grant to groom ski and snowshoe trails

The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board has awarded a series of grants to improve parks, trails and ball fields across the state.

The board awarded 21 grants statewide, which total nearly $1.6 million. In Whatcom County, the Nooksack Nordic Ski Club received $21,300 to groom and maintain 15 miles of ski trails and maintain 3 miles of snowshoe trails in the Salmon Ridge trail system over the next two years.

The grants are administered by the state Recreation and Conservation Office. Funding comes from federal gas taxes, federal revenue from selling and leasing off-shore oil and gas resources and the sale of state general obligation bonds.

“These grants range from providing routine maintenance for recreational trails all the way up to the development of new community parks,” said Kaleen Cottingham, the office’s director, in a press release. “They help local economies by creating jobs and attracting visitors who spend money in local stores. They also help communities create great new outdoor places for their residents to get some exercise, relax and play.”

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