Northwest Business Club hosts supporter of Bellingham "bill of rights" on June 13

The Northwest Business Club hosts Stoney Bird, local environmental and political activist and supporter of the Bellingham Community Bill of Rights, during its noon meeting on June 13 at the Bellingham Elks Lodge on Samish Way.

Bird will discuss the Bill of Rights, a ballot initiative that would, among other things, ban the transport of coal through Bellingham.

Bird opposes the potential increase in coal train traffic through the city should the Gateway Pacific Terminal, proposed by SSA Marine of Seattle, be built at Cherry Point.

Paul Guppy, vice president for research at Washington Policy Center, will also discuss the measure. The policy center has done an analysis of similar proposals in Spokane.

Guppy will not make recommendations, but he will point out implications to Bellingham if the pending bill is passed, according to a June 1 press release from the Northwest Business Club.

The meeting’s buffet will open at 11:45 a.m. Annual members pay $10 and others pay $15.

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