Northwest Draft Solutions offers beer line cleaning

Northwest Draft Solutions opened recently, offering beer line and tap cleaning services for bars and restaurants.

Caleb Atkins started the company with his business partner David Hovde after the two attended a week-long training class in February at the MicroMatic Dispense Institute in California. MicroMatic is a beer line and equipment manufacturer.

Atkins is an avid homebrewer and had previously contemplated opening a small brewery. That didn’t pencil out, but he had heard there was a need for more beer system cleaners.

“It’s the other half of my own hobby,” Atkins said. “In homebrewing, you’ve got the brewing part and then you’ve got the setting up the system part. A lot of people geek out with their homebrewing system.”

Most bars and restaurants flush out their beer lines and taps every other week, Atkins said. Besides cleaning, Northwest Draft Solutions offers complete installation of tap systems and on-call troubleshooting if beers aren’t pouring correctly.

For more information, call Northwest Draft Solutions at (360) 927-1793.


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