Nucamp launches affordable coding boot camp

Formerly a Microsoft digital learning executive for 18 years, Ludo Fourrage, has launched a 22-week coding boot camp geared toward affordability and accessibility. For less than $2,000 the coding boot camp diverges from traditional boot camps that typically cost $10,000 t0 $20,000. The flexible courses are adaptable to a student’s schedule or someone working full-time. A hybrid learning experience offers students the capability to learn online during the week and meet in small, in-person groups on weekends within their local community.

Nucamp’s small and local group workshops that have a maximum of 12 students allow for individualized instructor support. The full-stack web and mobile development boot camps are now offered in cities large and small including Seattle, Bellingham, Spokane, Dallas, Tacoma, Knoxville, Oakland, Baltimore, Detroit and more.

“We first opened in Tacoma, Washington, 40 miles south of Seattle. There, I met many aspiring developers showing heart and potential, but who felt left out of the digital economy just because of where they lived or their economic status,” founder and chief learning officer at Nucamp, Ludo Fourrage said in a press release. “This felt unfair, so we committed to making Nucamp affordable and accessible to anyone, not just the privileged few.”

Nearly 1 in 10 American jobs are in the software industry and represent a total of 14.4 million U.S. jobs, according to BSA Foundation. However many of those jobs aren’t available to people who fall into the low-quality job index and those without college degrees, lower incomes, or who lack prior job experience in technology.

“With more and more demand for software developers and at the same time, rising education costs, Nucamp offers an exciting alternative to Americans stuck in jobs that won’t sustain their families, or will disappear in the near future,” CEO Karim El Naggar, said in a press release. “Nucamp is re-inventing technical education from the ground-up.”

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