NWIC Weavers Teaching Weavers event awarded grant

Weavers Teaching Weavers, an annual event hosted by Northwest Indian College, has received a $14,000 grant from the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation.

The event helps to preserve the art of weaving by providing a space where novice apprentice weavers can learn from master weavers. It will next be held in April on the NWIC campus.

“This is an opportunity for Native weavers to come and learn from each other, and from some highly experienced weaver teachers,” said Susan Given-Seymour, director of NWIC’s Cooperative Extension Department, in a Jan. 25 press release.

Grant funds will go toward costs such as hosting teachers and providing supplies and food.

The foundation is a nationwide charity organization committed to fostering the revitalization, appreciation and continuity of Native arts and cultures. It has awarded grants to 28 American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian artists and organizations in 15 states, including three in Washington.

“Support for this country’s Native arts and cultures is critical to our foundation’s mission, which is to nurture the creativity of Native artists and organizations through our grant-making program,” said Foundation President and CEO T. Lulani Arquette, a Native Hawaiian, in the release.

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