Bankruptcies, October 2009

Chapter 7 — Straight bankruptcy; debtor gives up non-exempt property and debts are discharged.

Chapter 11 — Business reorganization; protection from creditors while business devises a plan of reorganization. Income/expense reports must be filed monthly.

Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by individual to pay a percentage of debts based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay.

Chapter 7
Shevak O. Siekkinen, 1000 North Shore Drive, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 24.
Gregory T. and Linda L. Hay, 4015 Eliza Ave. #12A, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 24.
Petra and Gonzalo Campos, 3661 Alm Road, Everson. Filed Sept. 24.
Jacob M. Kerlin, 5812 San Road, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 25.
Mall Vision Inc., P.O. Box 32390, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 25.
Felipe Alonso and Silvia A. Villaneuva, 5093 Waschke Road, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 28.
Prudence J. and James L. Welch, 1329 Mitchell Ave. Unit B, Blaine. Filed Sept. 28.
Christy L. Brown, P.O. Box 1946, Maple Falls. Filed Sept. 28.
Mary A. Harrington, 624 Creekbend Lane, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 28.
Cheri L. Haines, 4000 Flynn St. #65, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 29.
Carol A. McShan, 7872 Carson Road, Blaine. Filed Sept. 29.
Novani N. and Robert P. Vinyard, $1210 Front St. Unit B, Lynden. Filed Sept. 29.
Russel D. Hansen, 831 Wiser Lake Road, Lynden. Filed Sept. 29.
Misty L. Sparks-Lopez and Efrain A. Lopez Jr., 2267 Hawthorne St., Ferndale. Filed Sept. 29.
Larry D. Farris, 1225 E. Sunset Drive #392, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 30.
Anthony M. and Charlotte A. Roderick, 263 Pollman Circle, Lynden. Filed Sept. 30.
Marijun D. and Raul N. Padilla, 4152 Wayside Court, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 30.
Richard E. and Leona J. Parker, 121 Judson Lane #203, Lynden. Filed Sept. 30.
Brandon L. and Shauna L. Thomas, 404 Cascade Way, Lynden. Filed Sept. 30.
Joel A. Vega, 499 Westerly Road #201, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 30.
Lynn A. and Christine A. Buckley, 999 Pacific Rim Lane #91, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 30.
Dmitriy V. and Irina V. Chernomorets, 4173 Dover St., Bellingham. Filed Oct. 6.
Lila B. Bruback, 793 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 6.
Anne M. Ziomkowski, 2723 Russell St., Bellingham. Filed Oct. 6.
Ronnie E. and Shawna C. Walton, 8635 Cambridge Loop, Blaine. Filed Oct. 6.
Michael E. Bradley, 2400 Donovan Ave. #28, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 7.
Kelly T. Glass and Melissa K. Stanfill, 1334 Puget St. #4, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 7.
Michael W. and Arvella P. Baerg, 903 Judson St., Lynden. Filed Oct. 7.
Anna-Marie T. Cantu, 2057 Washington St., Ferndale. Filed Oct. 8.
Mary A. and Patrick D. McHugh, 241 N. State St. #4, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 9.
Melvin H. and Mildred C. Dunn, 6002 S. Bakerview Park, Ferndale. Filed Oct. 9.
Gregory L. Meling, 3924 Primrose Lane #101, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 9.
Monte K. and Tamala D. Stap, P.O. Box 4058, Nooksack. Filed Oct. 12.
Natalie M. and Brian L. Coots, 2427 Xenia St., Bellingham. Filed Oct. 13.
Paula S. Hertz, 4243 Sucia Drive, Ferndale. Filed Oct. 13.
Shanda L. and Tony G. Kelstrup, 6610 Vista Drive, Ferndale. Filed Oct. 13.
Kay L. and Wayne A. VanDiest, 934 Willeys Lake Road, Ferndale. Filed Oct. 13.
Wendy J. Schloredt, 5643 Whitehorn Way, Blaine. Filed Oct. 15.
Christopher R. Fann, 5157 Graveline Road, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 16.
Keayn T. and Kristin A. Dunya, 601 E. Holly St. #102, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 16.
Lee W. and Mindy N. Singleton, 1437 Colony Court, Lynden. Filed Oct. 16.
Erin W. and Robert T. Johannesen, P.O. Box 4326, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 19.
Lori Robinson, 2217 F. St. #3, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 20.
Rita A. and Gary J. Asgeirsson, P.O. Box 32105, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 21.
Ronald B. Sanford, 2800 St. Clair St., Bellingham. Filed Oct. 21.
Karen A. Sehrt, 1200 Lincoln St. #112, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 21.
Sheryl R. and Alfredo D. Gonzalez, 501 Brook Way, Lynden. Filed Oct. 21.
Howard S. Chau, 265 8th St., Blaine. Filed Oct. 21
Mary A. DeVries, 265 8th St., Blaine. Filed Oct. 21.

Chapter 13
William E. and Diane M. Debruin, P.O. Box 383, Sumas. Filed Sept. 24.
Brent S. Boatman, 1724 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 29.
John V. and Linda R. Mallahan, 401 E. North Street, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 29.
Amy J. Freeto, 76 Sudden Valley, Bellingham. Filed Sept. 30.
Gail R. and Jack B. Looper, P.O. Box 29951, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 5.
Scott D. and Judy K. Lazalde, 1375 N. Parkstone Court, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 6.
Shirleen H. Larson, 250 Harvest Way Apt. J, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 15.
Stacy L. Harris and William L. Ueland, 2817 Russell St., Bellingham. Filed Oct. 16.
Ellane R. Dean, 220 Sea Pines Road, Bellingham. Filed Oct. 16.
Stacy B. and Philip G. Tillsley, 6261 Hamilton Ave., Ferndale. Filed Oct. 21.

Compiled by Isaac Bonnell.

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