New organic lawn-care business uses sweat power

By Ryan Wynne

Lawn care and gardening have brought Dave Campbell and Jessika Bowman together twice. The two became friends while discussing tips for organic landscaping and, more recently, decided to put their hobby to work. On July 1, they started their new business, Organics Lawn and Garden.

Campbell said they try to be as fossil fuel-free as possible, which means landscaping takes them a bit more time and elbow grease than businesses that use gas-powered machines.

“It’s a lot of sweat and a little bit of cussing, and that’s about it,” Campbell said.

The business’ tool arsenal includes a reel (push) mower, an electric mower for those shin-high lawns and a gas-powered mower for serious overgrowth. Campbell said they have faced some impressively long grass in the week they’ve been in business, but still haven’t had to resort to using the gas-powered mower.

They also use electric weed eaters, but not for every job.

“We do edging with a pair of scissors,” Campbell said.

Campbell and Bowman use pesticide, turf builder and plant food, but they’re not the run-of-the-mill brands in stores. They make their own organic concoctions for lawns and gardens and Campbell said they are definitely safer than most store brands.

“Your dog can drink the stuff and your dog will be fine, but the weeds won’t like it one bit,” he said.

Campbell said he and Bowman are excited to be working at something they love and are happy to share their knowledge of eco-friendly landscaping with customers. Eventually, he said, they want to incorporate more teaching into the job description.

Organics Lawn and Garden’s service area is within Bellingham borders. Campbell and Bowman stick mostly to landscaping in the Sunnyland Neighborhood during the week and schedule their away contracts for weekends.

For more information, call  (360) 325-2240 or email


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  1. Very impressive. Not all lawn care business owners are this painstakingly hands-on with something they’re really passionate about, and to think they’re using a much natural approach. I just hope a lot more of those who will open a lawn care business will be similar to these two. Customers could really need very dedicated services from their lawn caregivers. Thanks for the share!

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