Peter Paulsen

Former owner, Hotel Bellwether

1. What are you planning to do after you sell the Hotel Bellwether?
   Paulsen: “I’ll be taking a one-year sabbatical to do some traveling. I’ll be going to Europe with my teenage children, then to the South Pacific and Asia. After my year of traveling, I’m hoping that the Georgia-Pacific land will be ready for development and acquisitions of parcels.
   “I’m also in the process of managing and developing neighborhood shopping centers in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

2. I’ve heard you are an avid sailor. What is your favorite route to sail and why?
   Paulsen: “Yes, I’m an avid sailor; I’ve been sailing and yachting for over 30 years. I’ve taken trips through the Panama Canal twice, cruised up and down the East Coast, including Florida.
   “I did extensive sailing in San Francisco, Sacramento Delta, L.A., San Diego, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I always operate my own vessel without a crew for the enjoyment of it.”

3. Which historic figure would you want to be for a day and why?
   Paulsen: “John F. Kennedy. I’ve always admired him immensely for his energy, character and achievements. Along with the fact that he was highly respected around the world.”



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