Physician who allegedly sold pot charged, loses license

A physician with practices in both Whatcom and King counties has been charged with using his license to sell marijuana.

Yuel L. Boyce is accused of using his naturopathic license to earn a profit from patients seeking medical marijuana while not providing any treatment. He has also been charged with providing marijuana products to patients within the same office he issued authorizations for medical marijuana, which is in violation of state law.

His naturopathic license has been immediately suspended by the Board of Naturopathy and the Washington State Department of Health.

Boyce allegedly authorized medical marijuana for three patients in Bellingham without properly reviewing their medical complaints or providing adequate examinations, according to the Bellingham Police Department. He then allegedly gave the patients marijuana-infused peanut butter cups after receiving cash payments.

According to a health department investigator, Boyce allegedly admitted in mid-September during an interview at his Shoreline office that he provided marijuana products to patients.

Boyce has 20 days to request a hearing with the board, and may not practice until charges are resolved, according to a statement from the health department.

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