Pickford Film Center fundraisers beat "digital deadline"

After more than three months of fundraising, the Pickford Film Center has met its $225,000 goal that will allow its directors to purchase and install new digital film-projection equipment.

Now that the U.S. film industry plans to stop issuing films on traditional 35 mm reels, the Pickford—along with many other small theaters nationwide—has needed to either make expensive upgrades to its projection rooms, or, its directors fear, close for good.

The nonprofit film center, located on Bay Street in downtown Bellingham, began an online fundraising campaign on Sept. 27. The campaign reached its $225,000 goal at the end of December, according to a message from Executive Director Alice Clark, posted on the Pickford’s online fundraising page at Crowdrise, a Web-based fundraising service.

Big help came from an anonymous donor who provided matching funds for all donations made during December. As of Jan. 2, 2013, the Pickford’s online fundraising page showed the center has brought in more than $234,000 from community donors.

According to Clark, all donations received until Feb. 1, above that of the center’s original goal, will be placed into a restricted fund for future equipment needs. Donations received after Feb. 1 will go into the center’s general fund.

Pickford directors will now begin purchasing and installing new digital equipment in the theater, as well as in the Pickford’s Limelight Cinema on Cornwall Avenue. More information, and a celebration event, are expected once all pledges and contributions have been secured, according to Clark.

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