Port grants to help fund small city economic development projects

The Port of Bellingham will spend $75,000 in matching funds for economic development projects in Blaine, Sumas, Ferndale and Lynden this year. The Port’s Small City Economic Development Fund was created in 2004, and has given more than $600,000 to small cities for development projects.

-Blaine will get $20,000 from the port, along with $30,000 from the city to evaluate community attitude, infrastructure gaps, and create and action plan for civic improvements downtown.

-Sumas will get $15,000 from the port, along with $15,000 in matching funds from the city to complete an analysis of the city’s electric utility.

-Ferndale will receive $20,000 in port funds, along with $80,000 from the city to continue work on the project to extend Thornton Road to connect with I-5.

-Lynden will receive $20,00 from the port and $20,000 from the city to develop more parking and community events downtown.

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