Port to host seminar on recent foreign trade zone changes

The Port of Bellingham will sponsor a free seminar on foreign trade zone opportunities in Whatcom County from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Tuesday, March 12, at the port’s Harbor Center office at 1801 Roeder Ave.

Scott Taylor of Miller & Company, a leading expert in foreign trade zones, will lead the seminar.

Foreign trade zones, which are supervised by officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, are areas within the U.S. that, for customs’ purposes, are treated as if they were located outside the country. The zones can provide companies delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise. They can also postpone, and in the case of re-exporting, eliminate duties, taxes, bonds, quotas and other requirements.

Domestic and foreign merchandise may also be stored within a foreign trade zone and manufactured, displayed, sold or altered in almost any way that is not prohibited by U.S. law.

The Port of Bellingham is the grantee of Foreign Trade Zone No. 129 in Bellingham. The port recently modified its zone program to allow Whatcom County businesses expedited and less-costly options when utilizing a foreign trade zone.

The seminar will focus on information of interest to distributors, logistics providers and manufacturers that pay customs duties on imported parts, materials or components, as well as businesses that have relations with importers.

To attend the seminar, contact Dodd Snodgrass of the Port of Bellingham at 360-715-7376 or dodds@portofbellingham.com by March 8.

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