Q Laundry in Sunnyland Square to open June 20

An eco-friendly laundromat called Q Laundry in Bellingham’s Sunnyland Square shopping center plans to open its doors to the public on Thursday, June 20.

The new laundry business is located at 810 Alabama St., near the Trader Joe’s grocery store. While June 20 will be Q Laundry’s soft opening date, a grand opening celebration is planned for Tuesday, July 9.

Colleen Unema, Q Laundry’s owner, spent more than two years researching commercial laundry trends and received product advice from national laundry experts, as well as local business tips from consultants and mentors at the Northwest Innovation Resource Center, the Small Business Development Center and SCORE. Her laundromat employs eight people.

“From the start our goal was to erase old-school laundromat images from people’s minds and show them smarter, cleaner, faster and better ways to do their laundry,” Unema said, in a press release. “We want people to come in to Q Laundry and be amazed.”

Unema has long held a desire to open a laundromat centered on sustainability, energy efficiency, new technology, quality and fast service.

Q Laundry’s equipment includes:

– Energy-efficient Electrolux machines that lock for security and send text messages to customers when cycles are complete. The washing machines weigh each load and only use an appropriate amount of water. They are programmed to handle everyday laundry items as well as outdoor gear, tech fabrics, down filled items, wet suits and even tents. The machines also feature special odor-removal settings for athletic equipment and items that have been exposed to smoke.

– Three additional washer/dryer combination machines—which also have locking and text-messaging capability—that allow users to complete a full cycle of washing and drying in 75 minutes.

– 45-pound capacity dryers that use reverse spin technology throughout their dry cycle.  This feature prevents items from rolling or wadding and significantly decreases dry time by increasing air flow.

– A custom drying booth for large items such as tents and sporting equipment.

Machines accept credit and debit cards, coin and Google Wallet. Q Laundry also offers free Wi-Fi to customers.

CDK Interiors, Marcus M. Johnson Architects and The Franklin Corporation helped Unema design and build Q Laundry’s commercial space, which includes VOC-free paint, Energy Star lighting, flooring made from recycled materials, as well as efficient hot-water tanks and pumps.

Q-Laundry also sells eco-friendly laundry products, including bio-safe soaps, custom crafted garment covers and locally produced totes and satchels. Customers that purchase a reusable $10 Q Laundry Box receive free laundry soap for each load they wash.

Grand opening set for Tuesday, July 9

KAFE Radio will be onsite for a live broadcast from 4-8 p.m. on July 9, and door prizes and refreshments will be offered at that time. A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for 6 p.m.

Beginning June 20, Q Laundry will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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