Raincountry Refrigeration to replace fire-damaged building

By Michael Homnick

A little more than one year ago, a fire damaged Raincountry Refrigeration’s building in Fairhaven. While the fire was contained in the office — allowing business to go on as usual in the shop — the company was forced to set up a temporary workspace and live with a partially damaged building for the past year.

Now the business, located at 1610 6th St., has plans to put the fire behind them. In December, Raincountry was issued a $160,000 building permit to construct a new two-story building at the same location, replacing their current fire-damaged one.

Mark Vondrachek, who owns Raincountry Refrigeration, said the current building will be torn down, and construction on the new structure will begin sometime in March.

“It will have the same footprint, but be a different style,” he said. “It’ll be cleaned up a bit. It should be nicer than the current building.”

The new building will match the square footage of the current one, while adding updated decor and doing away with its aluminum siding.

For more information, call Raincountry Refrigeration at (360) 671-9165 or visit www.raincountryrefrigeration.com.


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