Real estate sales, March 24-April 20

The following is a compilation of some of the largest commercial real estate transactions in Whatcom County for the period of March 24 through April 20. 

Commercial Properties:

Address:  4383 Rock Road, Sumas
Seller:  Sumas Mobile Home Park, LLC
Buyer:  Bradley Hoy
Description:  Mobile home site with 8 spaces, plus 1- story, 3-bedroom house. 2.09 acres land.
Price:  $410,000
Date:  March 24

Address:  5375 Labounty Road, Ferndale
Seller:  Meridian Holdings, LLC
Buyer:  Timothy Furre
Description:  two-story warehouse and office (ship/boat builders) with 12,700 square feet, built in 1982, .98 acres of land.
Price:  $295,000
Date: March 25

Address:  2010 Grandview Road, Ferndale
Seller:  Paccan Real Estate Holdings
Buyer:  Maderia Park, LLC
Description:  Log exterior drive-thru expresso stand with 1,379 square feet, built in 2007, includes modular storage building with 480 square feet, pump house and restroom; plus mini storage building with 8,000 square feet, 5,120 square foot storage mezzanine, built in 2008, 9.70 acres land.
Price:  $1,100,978.35
Date: March 29

Address:  2320 Yew Street Road, Bellingham
Seller:  Pickett/Tesarik, LLC (Mt. Vernon)
Buyer:  Thurmon Family LP
Description:  6-unit apartment building with 4,880 square feet, built in 1971.
Price:  $475,000
Date: March 30

Address:  5345 Labounty Drive, Ferndale
Seller:  5375 Corporation
Buyer:  Cougar Mountain Real Estate Company
Description:  2-story warehouse with 30,247 square feet, built in 2000,  22,640 square foot asphalt, 2,914 parking spaces.
Price:  $3,375,000
Date: March 31

Address:  510 Front Street, Lynden
Seller:  Northwoods Properties, LLC
Buyer:  Cornerstone Pacifica, LLC
Description: Store with 6,440 square feet, 1,840 square foot mezzanine, built in 1925, .15 acres land.
Price:  $575,000
Date: March 31

Address:  8334 Guide Meridian, Lynden
Seller:  United States of America (Auburn)
Buyer:  O & S Farms, Inc.
Description:  one-story government office with 2,852 square feet, built in 1970, .91 acres land.
Price:  $282,000
Date:  April 4

Address:  4282 Meridian Street, Bellingham
Seller:  Baron Lodging, LLC
Buyer:  David Rich Corporation
Description:  3-story motel (Comfort Inn) with 86 rooms, 45,009 square feet, built in 1992, 1,044 square foot canopy, pool, spa, elevator, 1.68 acres land.
Price:  $8,500,000
Date: April 7

Address:  4895 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Blaine
Seller:  Jacaranda Land Corporation
Buyer:  North Bay Christ The King Community Church
Description:  two- story church with 8,484 square feet, built in 1925, remodeled in 1950, .58 acres land; marine view.
Price:  $625,000
Date: April 14

Address:  1411 Railroad Avenue, Bellingham Seller:  1411 Properties, LLC
Buyer:  Dreamteam Holdings, Inc. (Santa Clara, California)
Description:  two-story store with 11,000 square feet, built in 1917, .13 acres land.
Price:  $2,100,000
Date:  April 11

Address:  2911 West Illinois Street, Bellingham
Seller:  Gilbert Apartments, LLC
Buyer: David and Carmen Hansen
Description:  one-story, 7 unit apartment building with 5,684 square feet, built in 1975, .51 acres land.
Price:  $690,000
Date:  April 15

Address:  #218, Northwest Plaza Condominium, 100 Grand Avenue, Bellingham
Seller:  Jeffrey and Suzanne Johnson
Buyer:  DJC Properties, LLC
Description:  Office with 706 square feet, built in 1900.
Price:  $168,000
Date:  April 19

Agricultural Land:
Address:  440 Beard Road, Lynden
Seller:  JIT Investments, LLC
Buyer:  Bath Holdings Corporation (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)
Description:  28.49 acres
Price:  $925,000
Date:  April 4

Address:  4659 Reese Hill Road, Sumas
Seller:  Nachhatter and Baljit Jhulley (Mission, British Columbia, Canada)
Buyer:  Damanjeet and Sukhvir Khaira and Gursewak Singh and Rachhpal Kaur
Description:  62.23 acres with outbuildings
Price:  $850,000
Date:  April 11

Forest Land:
Address:  3150 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Custer
Seller:  Vantor, LLC (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Buyer:  Gurpal Gill and Sukhwinder Dhanoa (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)
Description:  39.80 acres
Price:  $195,000
Date: April 15

Land for New Construction:
Address:  Malloy Avenue, Ferndale
Seller:  Ferndale Village Homes, LLC
Buyer:  Whatcom Skagit Housing
Description:  2.25 acres
Price:  $780,000
Date: March 25

Address:  2312 Mountain View, Ferndale
Seller: Filippini, LLC
Buyer:  P.N.R.D. LLC
Description:  3.84 acres
Price:  $575,000
Date:  April 15

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