Regulators issue lottery list for pot retail licenses

Twenty-seven applicants are in the running to receive Bellingham’s first marijuana retail licenses from the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Regulators released results May 2 from an independent, double-blind lottery performed last month that will be used to determine who will be able to open pot stores across the state.

In Whatcom County at large, 15 applicants are also included on the state’s lottery list.

Lotteries were not held for Lynden or Ferndale, as the number of qualified applicants in those jurisdictions was less than or equal to total number licenses being allocated to each city.

(The full lottery list is included at the end of this article. It can also be viewed by clicking here.)

Officials with the liquor board announced last September that Whatcom County will be allocated 15 pot retail licenses. Six of those are slated for Bellingham, seven for the county at large, and one each for Lynden and Ferndale.

Regulators will allow up to 334 pot retail outlets to be licensed statewide.

Actual licenses have still not been issued by the liquor board. That’s expected to happen no later than the first week of July.

Officials will now begin to work their way down the lottery list by order of rank, ensuring that applicants are able to pass the state’s licensing process.

Successful applicants must meet several requirements in order to receive licenses, including passing a criminal background check and financial investigation, and ensuring that their businesses are not located within 1,000 feet of a school, park or other areas where children congregate, as specified by Initiative 502, the measure passed by Washington voters in 2012 that legalized recreational marijuana.

Applicants unable to meet the requirements will be withdrawn from consideration.

Across the state, 1,174 pot retail applicants were included in lotteries held in 75 jurisdictions.

Ordered lists of applicants were produced between April 21-25 by the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center of Washington State University and Kraght-Snell, a Seattle based accounting firm that regularly works with Washington’s Lottery.

Regulators are also processing and issuing licenses for producers and processors of recreational marijuana.

As of April 30, 25 such licenses have been issued in various locations around the state, according to the liquor board. None have yet been reported for Whatcom County.

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Lottery results for Whatcom County

These lists indicate the order in which the Washington State Liquor Control Board will consider a particular applicant’s license request. No actual licenses have been issued yet. Liquor board officials expect to issue licenses no later than the first week of July.

Listings include an applicant’s rank, trade name, business address and application number. Information was obtained from the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Ferndale and Lynden were listed as jurisdictions in which no lotteries were held. The liquor board has allotted one license each for both cities, but the number of qualified applicants in those jurisdictions was less than or equal to the total license allocations.

(Allocated six licenses)

1: Cascade Herb Company, 4459 Meridian St., 415094

2: 2020 Solutions, 4326 Pacific Highway, 415470

3: Green Vision, 218 N. Samish Way, Suite #103, 414871

4: Greenco Limited Liability Company, 618 W. Bakerview Road, 413886

5: Dancing Gypsies, 4370 Meridian St., 413529

6: Top Shelf Cannabis, 3857 Hannegan Road, 414256

7: Good Life Cannabis, 1840 James St., 413677

8: Citrus Group, 218 N. Samish Way, Suite 102, 414000

9: Green Vision, 218 N. Samish Way, Suite 104, 414870

10: Hamsterdam, 2121 King St., 415223

11: Bellinghamsterdam, 4326 Pacific Highway, 413738

12: LR Ventures & Associates, 218 N. Samish Way, Suite 106, 414010

13: JWC Enterprises, 2119 Lincoln St., 413734

14: The Joint, 141 Samish Way, 413502

15: Sunshine Cannibis Supply LLC, 4370 Meridian St., 413670

16: Mandeep Kaur, 4564 Meridian St., 413772

17: The Treehouse, 4208 Meridian St., 413769

18: Bellingham Marijuana Boutique, 4220 Meridian St., Suite 102, 414313

19: MLR Investment Group, 218 N. Samish Way, Suite 108, 414821

20: LR Ventures & Associates, 218 N. Samish Way, Suite 105, 414009

21: Purple Ridge Farm, 3705 Irongate Road, 415642

22: Cascade Herb Company, 4208 Meridian St, Suite B, 415093

23: Citrus Cleaners, 218 N. Samish Way, Suite 101, 413999

24: Greenco, 4220 Meridian St., Suite 102, 413885

25: Oasis Organics, 2018 Iron St., Suite A, 415657

26: Healthy Living Center, 2118 James St., 413702

27: MLR Investment Group, 218 N. Samish Way, Suite 107, 414820

Whatcom County At Large
(Allocated seven licenses)

1: Green Stop, 7461 Mount Baker Highway, Suite 90, Maple Falls, 413801

2: W.C.W. Enterprises, 5602 Guide Meridian, Suite A, Bellingham, 415445

3: Grateful Green, 1215 N. Lake Samish Drive, Unit B, Bellingham, 414918

4: Whatcom Resin Co. 1, 5309 Guide Meridian Road, Bellingham, 414539

5: The Green Pot, 5655 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, 413314

 6: Green Smoke Shop, 5309 Guide Meridian, Suite B, Bellingham, 417469

7: JJF, 2530 Peace Portal Drive, Suite B, Blaine, 415064

8: People Of The Medicine, 1215 N. Lake Samish Drive, Bellingham, 414050

9: Whatcom Resin Co. 2, 7160 Guide Meridian Road, Lynden, 088015

10: Tangletown Holdings, 4817 Alderson Road, Blaine, 415535

11: Koma Kulshan LLC, 3703 Bennett Drive, Bellingham, 414708

12: Chuckanut Recreational, 1215 N. Lake Samish Drive, Unit B, Bellingham, 413678

13: Dakota Land Company, 1348 Gulf Road, Point Roberts, 413364

14: Cascade Herb Company, 4935 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, 415095

15: JRS Enterprises, 4815 Alderson Road, Blaine, 415220

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