Road to Artist Point near Mount Baker to close for season

Expected snowfall on Mount Baker has prompted road crews to close the road to Artist Point for the winter season.

Workers with the Washington State Department of Transportation will close the gate to the road just above the Mount Baker Ski Area at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

The road fully opened in July for the first time since 2010. Due to Artist Point’s popularity with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, its opening usually benefits retailers and other businesses that cater to the outdoor crowds.

To get the road open last summer, crews had to remove nearly 30 feet of snow.

WSDOT officials said the road, which features sharp curves, narrow lanes and steep hillsides, regularly receives extreme weather conditions.

The road is typically closed around the start of fall each year, though its closure dates vary.

“This is about the time of year we typically close the road, when the weather changes and the snow returns,” said Tony Hernandez, WSDOT’s maintenance superintendent, in a press release. “We thought it might stay open a little longer this year after we had such a warm, dry summer, but this is pretty much on schedule.”

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