Saturna looks to turn boomers into buyers with new investment fund

Saturna Capital Corp., a Bellingham-based investment advising firm, announced the launch of a new high-income fund April 10, which permits investments in U.S. and foreign bonds, as well as in common or preferred stocks.

The Sextant Global High Income Fund, which seeks income from a globally diversified portfolio of debt and equity securities, will be co-managed by financial advisers Bryce Fegley and John Scott.

The company is focusing their marketing efforts for the new fund on baby boomers looking to save for retirement. Saturna’s advisers expect it will appeal to investors wary of risks, yet looking for new income.

“The baby boomer generation is expected to face challenges in generating income for retirement due to lower economic growth, lower yields on U.S. government bonds and potential inflation,” Fegley said, in a press release.  “On top of that, the ratio of retirees to workers in the U.S. will increase by 75 percent over the next 15 years, potentially triggering a generational wave of market sell-offs as retirees draw on their 401(k)s.  Our new fund is a solution to the downward pressure we expect to negatively impact U.S. security values.”

The fund, with a flexible mandate designed to capitalize on demographic trends, also has a secondary objective of preserving capital.

“Investors need to look beyond the U.S. for inflation protected investments,” Scott said. “The flexible mandate of the fund permits the team to hunt for high income-producing assets globally, wherever the long-term growth outlook and demographics are more attractive.”

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