Scrap-It: Parberry opens own recycling business

Brian Parberry, who grew up in the recycling industry, recently decided to grow his own recycling business. He and his...

By Ryan Wynne

Brian Parberry was born into recycling. In 1923, his grandfather, Louis H. Parberry, Sr. opened Parberry Iron & Metal, which eventually became Northwest Recycling. Brian’s father later took over the business.

“It’s in my blood,” said Brian, who got involved with the family business in 1978.

After Brian’s father passed away, he sold his portion of the business, but his interest in the recycling industry didn’t end there. He and his wife, Lisa, recently got a scrap processing license and established their own scrap metal recycling business, Scrap-It, under the company name Parberry Environment Solutions, Inc. The business will operate in conjunction with the company’s storage business, Stow-It, at 1526 Slater Road in Ferndale.

Lisa said Brian has a strong affinity for scrapped goods. He sees a use for just about everything.

“He’s a scrap hoarder,” she said.

It all boils down to his parents influence, Brian said, and they grew up during the Great Depression.

At this point, though, the business’s scrap metal warehouse wouldn’t reveal Brian as a scrap hoarder. A few crushed vehicles and other bits and pieces adorn the 30,000-square-foot, 40-foot-tall warehouse. That is likely to change soon. The Parberrys don’t plan to open until Sept. 1, but they already have customers and are taking scrap.

The price customers get for their vehicles varies depending on the market for scrap metal at the time, the number of vehicles customers bring in each month and the weight of vehicles. At the moment, an average car would get customers between $100 and $200, Brian said.

But the vehicles currently in the warehouse don’t look average. With grass spewing from their rusted 1950’s-style bodies, they look old. Brian said they were probably sitting outside for a long time before someone decided to part with them. The business will take old cars and average cars and any kind of motor vehicle, including busses, Brian said, and because of the size of the facility, they have the capacity to take in hundreds of vehicles per week.

Brian said they chose the Slater Road location because the area is a hub for recycling and garbage. In fact, the structures, which are being leased from Recomp of Washington, are already permitted for recycling because they used to be recycling facilities.

Brian also likes his proximity to Interstate 5 and that the building is tall enough to house all the vehicles, which is key. Vehicles should be crushed and stored indoors so their dripping fluids don’t cause environmental damage, he said.

So, after vehicles are brought in and weighed, they are taken inside where they are drained of all fluids, then crushed and stored until they are sent off.

Scrap-It will pick up vehicles upon request, but customers also have the option to drop them off, or choose from Scrap-It’s list of preferred haulers.

Scrap-It doesn’t limit its intake to vehicles however. Among other things, appliances, batteries and electronics can be recycled there, too. The business also offers a mobile clean-up service. For a fee, it provides customers with scrap bins and will pick the bins up and empty them out.

Stow-It, the other half of the company, has another kind of bin for rent. For between $50 and $125 per month, customers can rent shipping containers that will be delivered to them and can be stored outside their homes and businesses. Brian said this method of storage can be ideal for remodels. Stow-It also offers container storage space at its Slater Road location.

For more information on the businesses, call (360) 734-1112 or visit

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