Top Properties, September 2009

The following is a list of residential and commercial property sales in Whatcom County. Top Properties is compiled by Wendy Darling with assistance from the assessor’s and treasurer’s offices.

Residences above $700,000

Seller: Seller:  Whitbey Island Bank
Buyer:  Hunter and Amy Lee
Description:  2 -story house with 4,884 square feet, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, built in 2007, 882 square foot attached garage, 970 square foot patio.
Address:  5606 Sandpiper Lane, Blaine
Price:  $790,000
Date:  07/22/09

Seller:  Eileen Stefanovski
Buyer:  Maureen Snider and Kenneth Clay (Santa Monica, CA)
Description:  2 -story house with 3,827 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, built in 1990, 1,152 square foot built-in garage, 435 square foot deck, 87 feet shorefront, 75 feet tideland, beach access; marine and territorial view.
Address:  4523 Wall St, Bellingham
Price:  $1,462,000
Date:  07/23/09

Seller:  Daniel and Teresa Williamson
Buyer:   Robert Bjorge and Lee Skogan
Description:  New house with 4.77 acres land.
Address:  4192 Stoney Brook Lane, Bellingham
Price:  $712,500
Date:  07/24/09

Seller:  Kelly and Koelle Leenstra
Buyer:  Frank and Patti Imhof
Description:  2 -story house with 3,890 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, plus bonus room, built in 1951, remodeled in 1986 square 780 square foot built-in garage, 450 square foot deck, 100 feet superior waterfront, 100 feet tideland; marine and territorial view.
Address:   889 Chuckanut Shore Road, Bellingham
Price:  $2,000,000
Date:  07/30/09

Seller:  A.R. Thompson Group
Buyer:  Patricia Thomson, Allan Thomson, James Thomson, Debra Knight, Gordon Thomson, Lisa Thomson and Todd Thomson (Surrey, BC)
Description:  2 -story house with 4,595 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, built in 2007, 1,068 square foot
attached garage, 972 square foot deck, 90 feet waterfront, 90 feet tideland; marine and territorial views.
Address:  1793 Edwards Drive, Point Roberts
Price:  $2,500,000
Date:  07/31/09

Seller:  Kenneth Mortimer and Kay Nagle
Buyer:  Andrew and Ann Marie Verneuil
Description:  2 -story house with 4,200 square feet, 2,100 square foot basement, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, built in 1976, remodeled in 2001, 900 square foot attached garage, 1,302 square foot deck; marine view.
Address:  410 Briar Road, Bellingham
Price:  $1,085,000
Date:  07/31/09

Seller:  Michael and Susan Perry and Gary and Audrey Tice
Buyer:  Christopher and Debra Vazquez
Description:  2 –story duplex with a total of 5,200 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths each, 2,160 total built-in garage area, built in 1998; territorial view.
Address:  3416 Abbott Street, Bellingham
Price:  $750,000
Date:  8/07/09

Seller:  Donna Arnason and Hal Arnason III
Buyer:  David Hutton and Christina Kimble Hutton (Kirkland, WA)
Description:  1 -story house with 2,785 square feet, 2,073 square foot basement, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, built in 1970, remodeled in 2006, 644 square foot attached garage, 2,577 square foot deck, 150 feet shoreland, 150 feet tideland; marine view.
Address:  2128 Dellesta Drive, Bellingham
Price:  $1,390,000
Date:  08/10/09

Residential Land:

Seller:  South Douglas, LLC
Buyer:  Matthew and Richelle Urie
Description:  Lot
Address:  2470 Douglas Road, Ferndale
Price:  $244,000
Date:  07/17/09

Seller:  Line Road Properties, LLC
Buyer:  Michael and Sally Engels
Description: 3 – lots – one has building permit.
Address:  2163, 2169 and 2175 Mercedes Drive, Lynden
Price:  $200,000
Date:  07/17/09

Seller:  Northwest Farm Credit Services, FLCA
Buyer:  Cowboy Campsites, LLC
Description:  14.98 acres – sale includes a mobile home with 1,968 square feet, built in 1978 and farm buildings, built in 1997 – territorial view.
Address:  1090 East Smith Road, Bellingham
Price:  $433,000
Date:  07/27/09

Seller:  George Lockery
Buyer:  Alpi Ventures, Ltd. (Burnaby, BC)
Description:  21.86 wooded acress.
Address:  Alderson Road, Blaine
Price:  $310,000
Date:  07/28/09

Seller:  Don Tavis Construction Inc. and Walter and Hazel Richardson
Buyer:  J E Ferguson & Sons, Inc.
Description:  4 lots – marine and territorial views.
Address:  1810 35th St, Bellingham
Price:  $125, 000 (QCD)
Date:  07/28/09

Commercial Land:

Seller:  Donald and Beverly Glick
Buyer:  BOCS Properties, LLC
Description:  1.89 acres – light industrial, sale includes a 1-story house with 1,210 square feet and a 1,120 square foot shop.
Address:  509 Baker St, Bellingham
Price:  $740,952
Date:  07/31/09

Seller: Port Blakely Tree Farms
Buyer:  Longview Timberlands, LLC (Longview, WA)
Description:  160.24 acres – forest.
Address:  Sedro Woolley and Deming
Price:  $675,000
Date:  08/17/09

Commercial Properties:

Seller:  David and Susan Adich
Buyer:  Ellis Street Enterprises, LLC
Description:  Medical office with 1,559 square feet, built in 1948, remodeled in 2005.
Address:  1470 Ellis St, Bellingham
Price:  $350,000
Date:  07/24/09

Seller:  Northwest Trustee Services, Inc.
Buyer:  Gemstone Holdings Two, LLC (Aberdeen, WA)
Description:  29 condo units with a total of 27,350 square feet, 22 -2 bedrooms, 2 baths units and 7 -1 bedroom, 1 bath units, built in 2008.  Permits to develop additional 37 units.
Address: Centre Pointe Condominium, (formerly Millennia Residences Condominium) 259 West Bakerview Road, Bellingham
Price:  $6,360,000 (Foreclosure Sale)
Date:  07/28/09

Seller:  Candice and David Sturtz
Buyer:  Goddard Ventures, LLC
Description:  Office with 480 square feet, built in 2005, remodeled in 2006; marine view.
Address:  #106, Morse Square Condominium, 1015 Railroad Ave, Bellingham
Price:  $144,500
Date:  07/30/09

Seller:  Donald and JoAnn Galbraith
Buyer:  L. Hart Hodges
Description:  Restaurant/office area with a total of 4,625 square feet, built in 1906, remodeled in 2005.
Address:  738 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine
Price:  $565,000
Date:  08/10/09

Seller: Seller:  Chad and Darlene Camping
Buyer:  RCK Properties, LLC
Description:  Garage with 3,470 square feet, built in 1938, remodeled in 1997, 1.26 acres land.
Address:  8181 Guide Meridian, Lynden
Price:  $850,000
Date:  08/14/09


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