Silver Springs Creamery opens retail store

By Isaac Bonnell

Three years after a devastating fire, Silver Springs Creamery in Lynden is back on its feet and in full production.

Owner Eric Sundstrom recently opened an onsite retail store to sell his goat and cow cheese, yogurt, ice cream and fresh milk. Now that the farm is back in full production, Sundstrom hopes the store will lead to steady sales.

“It’s a start and hopefully business will continue to build,” Sundstrom said.

Sundstrom bought the farm in 2003 and immediately began working on a processing facility for yogurt and cheese. Production began in 2006 and was in full swing when the fire, which was ruled as arson, derailed everything, Sundstrom said.

Since the fire, cheese production has been lagging and many of the cheeses are out of stock until this spring, when they will finish the aging process.

For more information, call Silver Springs Creamery at (360) 820-1384 or visit


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