Snapper Shuler Kenner makes top 100 workplaces

By Tristan Hiegler

Local insurance provider Snapper Shuler Kenner (SSK) has been recognized by Seattle Business magazine as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2010. The award is given to those companies in Washington state that demonstrate a commitment to leadership, strong benefits, advancement opportunities, training programs and employee satisfaction. SSK has operated in Washington since 1925 and has offices in Lynden and Bellingham.

Paul Kenner, a partner at the firm, said the application for the award had to be submitted by an employee for a company to be considered as one of the top 100 companies to work for. He said the rankings are based on interviews with the staff of the business and the manager or owner. The reason SSK is receiving the award is due to the initiative of satisfied employees, Kenner said.

Kenner said employees are feeling satisfied with SSK because, even in a economic downturn, the firm has not cut employee benefits and has not terminated anyone. Kenner said he has actually hired three new employees within the last month.

“A content employee, happy in their job, is obviously going to do a better job for the customer than someone looking for a new job,” Kenner said.

The company sells lines of insurance such as life, home, auto, medical benefits, property, causality, professional liability, business insurance and more. Kenner said he was been at the firm since 1974 and a partner since 1976.

“I’m constantly trying to make this a better place,” he said.

Kenner said SSK has also received the Chariman’s Club award from Liberty Mutual. The award honors the top 100 agencies of Liberty Mutual out of 6,000 agencies nationwide.

Kenner said there will be an award banquet on June 17 in Seattle to honor the top 100 companies to work for. SSK and other businesses will receive their exact rankings within the top 100 at the banquet.

“We are really proud to be considered in the top 100 in the state,” Kenner said. “If we do well in the top 100, that’s even a bigger bonus.”


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