Sound Publishing partners with

The Bellingham Business Journal

Sound Publishing, the parent company of The Bellingham Business Journal, and have formed a content-sharing partnership that will provide content from, the home of Sound Publishing’s 30 community and suburban newspapers, to readers.

Under the new agreement, the full text of up to 10 of Sound Publishing’s most popular stories each day from will be published on Sound Publishing headlines will be showcased on the homepage as well. The stories from Sound Publishing will give readers a new source for local, relevant coverage of current events in communities outside Seattle.

“Sound Publishing’s 30 community newspapers offer excellent coverage of the neighborhoods surrounding Seattle, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer that coverage to our readers,” said Michelle Nicolosi, executive editor of

Manfred Tempelmayr, president of Sound Publishing, said the partnership is a good match.

“We’re very excited to have our award-winning community journalism showcased on,” Tempelmayr said in a press release. “Our focus on local news in Puget Sound’s suburbs and smaller cities is a good match for is a Northwest institution and we’re pleased that we can play a role in this new chapter in its history.”

Sound Publishing, Inc. is the largest publisher of community and suburban newspapers in Washington and is also one of the area’s largest commercial web printers. The company operates 30 community and suburban newspapers, two monthly business journals, and 18 Little Nickel and Nickel Ads weekly shoppers throughout Washington and Oregon.—read by an average of 3.7 million people every month—brings readers the latest news and information, entertainment reports, opinions and community blogs.

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