Starbucks files permit to convert Taco Bell into coffee shop

Starbucks may have plans in the works to move into a building currently occupied by Taco Bell at 1185 E. Sunset Drive. GGLO, an architecture firm out of Seattle, applied for a $224,650 permit for that address to convert a fast food restaurant into a Starbucks coffee shop.

A spokesperson for the Starbucks Company wouldn’t say what the coffee giant’s plans for the space are, but did give the following response via e-mail:

“We are always looking for great locations to better meet the needs of our customers and reach others who may not have the opportunity to visit Starbucks stores. We do not have any announcements to make about the referenced location at this time. Choosing a site for a new Starbucks location is a key element in providing customers with the Starbucks experience and we carefully consider many factors when opening a new store.”

The future of the Taco Bell location and employees is unknown at this point. Owners of the potentially affected store could not be reached for comment and a manager at the store said he could not comment on the matter.


4 thoughts on “Starbucks files permit to convert Taco Bell into coffee shop

  1. I didn’t think this TB location was having any problems financially, they are always busy. And why would you want a Starbucks in Sunset Square when there is already a Starbucks here and it’s never very busy!! Not ok with this moving forward if that is what happens. Bad decision.

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