State hit insurers with more than $2M in fines last year

Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler issued more than $2 million in fines against insurers, agents and brokers in 2012, according to a recent press release.

The fines totaled $2,033,990. Violations included charging customers for coverage they’d never agreed tocharging unapproved ratesallowing unlicensed staffers to sell policies and failing to register with the state.

“Fortunately, these cases are the exception,” Kreidler said, in the press release. “Most companies, agents and brokers follow the rules.”

The agency posts all disciplinary orders, including those that don’t include fines, online at

The total for 2012 was higher than the previous year’s $1.4 million.

Fines collected by the insurance commissioner’s office do not go to the agency. The money is deposited in the state’s general fund to pay for other state services.

Over the past 12 years, Kreidler has issued more than $15 million in fines for violations of Washington’s insurance laws.

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