State regulators delay action on marijuana retail rules

State officials tasked to develop rules to govern marijuana production and retail in Washington state are delaying final action by two months in order to make changes prompted by comments from public meetings held around the state last week.

The change means those planning to obtain licenses to grow, process or sell marijuana will have to wait until November to apply, instead of September, as was previously thought. But the board is still on track to have rules in place by Dec. 1 , the deadline mandated by Initiative 502.

“The process is working exactly as it should,” said liquor board director Rick Garza, in an Aug. 13 news release. “Potential licensees, local governments, law enforcement and the general public all deserve clarity and certainty in the rules. Our stakeholders are not telling us to hurry up. In fact, they are asking us to consider their comments for the proposed rules. Their input now will only help strengthen and improve the rules that will govern Washington’s system of legal marijuana.”

According to the liquor board, key elements of the rules that will be included in the revised proposed rules include: limiting the amount of total marijuana production, identifying the number of retail locations per county and their locations, identifying the total amount of product that a licensee may have on hand, as well as further clarifying certain definitions and other revisions.

Read more about this development from our partners at The Daily Herald in Everett.

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