State tax judgements, 11/21/15 to 12/17/15

Judgments of $5,000 or more issued by Washington State government agencies and filed locally in Whatcom County Superior Court. Listings include business name, judgment amount, the state agency filing the judgment, originating case number and filing date. Judgments can later be paid and lifted. Listings are only current as of their filing dates. Records are obtained from the Whatcom County Superior Court Clerk’s Office.

Devine Interiors Services LLC, $7,695.13, Revenue, 15-2-02301-9, 12/16/15.

Dillercorp LLC, $27,586.32, Revenue, 15-2-02284-5, 12/11/15.

Copper Hog LLC, $13,110.48, Revenue, 15-2-02285-3, 12/11/15.

Champion Drywall Inc., $13,146.03, Revenue, 15-2-02261-6, 12/8/15.

Deric Willett Construction Inc., $23,940.81, Revenue, 15-2-02262-4, 12/8/15.

Dickeys Barbecue Pit Ferndale, $11,961.61, Revenue, 15-2-02202-1, 12/1/15.

Dickeys Barbecue Pit, $10,842.17, Revenue, 15-2-02203-9, 12/1/15.

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