Study finds 15% of Vancouver BC residents have a US mailbox

Many Vancouver, B.C., metropolitan area residents ship mail and small packages to the U.S. so frequently that it’s worthwhile to rent a permanent mail box.

A 2013 survey by Insights West, a Canadian market research company, found that 15 percent of Vancouver-area and Fraser Valley residents had a U.S. mailbox for picking up online orders. The Vancouver metropolitan area had a population of 2.3 million as of the 2011 Canadian Census. Fifteen percent of that is 345,000—more than triple the population of Bellingham.

The study surveyed 810 people. The sample size may be small, but the statistic didn’t surprise Deborah Crump, supervisor at the Blaine Post Office, where Post Office boxes cost $40 for six months and fill with a steady flow of packages from Amazon.

“We have a lot of Canadian customers,” she said. “From talking to the clerks who work in this office who have been here a while, I can tell you that that’s always been the case at this office.”

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