Super Bowl boosts some Bellingham businesses

Businesses across Washington state are celebrating the Seahawks and the Super Bowl in a variety of ways — from flying Seahawks flags to offering 12 percent discounts in honor of the 12th man. Bill Cassels, Bellingham Fred Meyer store director, said the store’s sales before the Super Bowl rival Thanksgiving and other holidays.

According to a Puget Sound Business Journal article, Seahawks fans outspend fans of the Patriots, the teams’ Super Bowl rival, on In December, 22 percent of the top 100 searches on were for Seahawks gear, according to the article.

In Bellingham, some fans are opting for more permanent displays of their Seahawks enthusiasm.

Paul Foertsch, tattoo artist at Old School Tattoo at 209 E Holly St., said they’ve had an increase in customers getting Seahawks tattoos.

“We did a handful last year around the Super Bowl and a little more than a handful this year,” he said. “I wouldn’t say we’ve done a lot, but more than I can think of doing in the last 15 years.”

Bellingham retailers are selling the obvious items — Jerseys and other clothing — as well as less traditional memorabilia items. Fred Meyer carries everything from Seahawks cell phone cases to blue and green Crock-Pots painted with Seahawks logos.

Fred Meyer has had a display of Seahawks gear inside the entrance to the apparel section of the store all football season. When the playoffs began, that section expanded to a 30-foot by 30-foot space, said Cassels, the store director.

Fans take advantage of Fred Meyer’s one-stop shopping opportunities to get everything they need for before games, Cassels said.

“The gear sells really well. You can buy a jersey, a 70-inch TV, a Bose system, food and drinks,” he said. “This is a really good week for TVs. It’s comparable to black Friday.”

And the Seahawks gear buying season isn’t over. If the Seahawks win on Sunday, Cassels expects to get championship shirts and gear on Monday.

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