Supon's on Dupont Street set to close in March

By Ryan Wynne

In March 2011, Seng Nin Sisouk will close the doors to Supon’s Thai Kitchen at 1213 Dupont Street, but Supon’s lovers will still be able to get their fix at Sisouk’s other location at 111 N. Samish Way.

Sisouk didn’t choose the close date, which is the month of her 10 year anniversary on Dupont. The date chose her – that’s when her lease will run out and, she said, the owner of the property has decided to do something else with it.

Sisouk said she had originally planned to build a restaurant next to the Dupont location, but discovered she couldn’t get financing because of the economy. That’s when she found and moved into the old Lemon Grass Cafe location on Samish Way, where she has been for about a year and a half.

With the capacity to accommodate 150 customers, the newer space is three times bigger than the space on Dupont Street. Sisouk said she is happy with the new location, but that she will miss the old restaurant and hopes all of her customers will find her on Samish Way.

“I have been there a long time because I like the neighborhood,” Sisouk said. “I hope my customers are still happy with the new location.”

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