Support Ken Mann for Whatcom County Council

A recent large donation to Ken Mann’s opponent prompts me to write in my endorsement for Ken Mann for Whatcom County Council. His opponent’s ‘Palin-esque’ routine (rhetoric?) and similar lack of experience has me worried about her knowledge of and experience dealing the range of issues currently facing Whatcom County.

In contrast, Ken Mann has consistently, during his years in Whatcom County, demonstrated the array of skills and experience necessary for equitably and intelligently performing the tasks required of a Community Leader and County Councilperson.

As a small business and property owner, Ken cares deeply about fostering local economy including local agriculture, business and industry.

Ken is also a firm believer in open government. He is an attentive listener, and from multiple conversations with him, I can conclude that he has that rare talent for evenly evaluating all perspectives before making an informed and thoughtful decision.

Ken understands that the role of a County Councilperson is to listen to and respond to the concerns of all Whatcom County citizens and has demonstrated that skill through his work as a County Planning Commissioner. Please join me in supporting Ken Mann for County Council. Find out more at

-Emily Jones

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