Supports Ken Mann for Whatcom County Council

Vote for Ken Mann for Whatcom County Council. Ken has the experience to be a fair and effective Council Person. He has been on the County Planning Commission for many years so he has a deep understanding of the issues currently facing the County. Ken can hit the ground running. Ken is fiscally conservative and understands the difficult choices that need to be made in these lean times. He will not waste your tax dollars. As a small business owner Ken is highly motivated to create jobs and have a vibrant local economy in Whatcom County. He will work hard to protect water quality in the Lake Whatcom Watershed and farmland throughout the County. Ken wants to keep our farmers farming on some of the most productive land in the nation. Most importantly Ken is a great listener and a thoughtful, open-minded person. Ken Mann will listen to your concerns. Join me in voting for Ken Mann for County Council this November.

Kurt Baumgarten
Bellingham, Wash.

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