Supports Ken Mann for Whatcom County Council

The sound management of urban growth is the greatest responsibility we entrust to our local elected officials. If mismanaged, excessive growth turns into ugly and resource tapping sprawl. Alternatively, weak growth is bad for business and leads to missed economic opportunities. Ken Mann has found the happy medium to these two extremes.

Time and again, Mann has shown leadership in smart growth management. For example, his real estate development and property management companies specialize in the restoration of older buildings in our neighborhoods, which fights sprawl by creating new working and living spaces in previously underused buildings and increasing the value of surrounding homes and shops. I am confident Mann will bring this sharp business sense with him into his seat on the County Council.

Mann’s proactive nature in the improvement of our cities does not stop with his business sense, however. More importantly, he has been on the Whatcom County Planning Commission for six years, and served as chairman for two years. This fact alone makes him superbly qualified to stand on the County Council. As an avid backpacker, Mann’s actions to protect our environment from mismanaged sprawl allow me to trust in his vision for Whatcom County.

Brian Pierce
Bellingham, Wash.

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