Supports predictable government for citizens

The City of Bellingham & Whatcom County is at a crossroads and the citizens need to make a decision.  Do we want an economically healthy community that works for everyone, promotes property rights for everyone?  Do we want political leaders who look to build positive working relations with business, leisure activities and conserve the growth of government to a sustainable measure?  Do we want governance that is predictable for its citizens and businesses to plan for their future?

If so, then please support these candidates:
Port of Bellingham – Scott Walker & Doug Smith
Whatcom County Council – Bill Knutzen, Kathy Kershner, Mary Beth Teigrob & Michelle Luke
Bellingham City Council – Orphalee Smith (write-in candidate)

These candidates are dedicated to your property rights and will work to give us the governance we deserve and can afford.

Kris Halterman
Bellingham, Wash.

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