Survey will ask Washington businesses about workers' skills

Organizers of a new statewide survey hope to learn more about the workforce struggles and successes of Washington’s employers.

The comprehensive survey, endorsed by the Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives and the Association of Washington Business, is planned to reach more than 4,000 business owners to ask about their experience and needs in hiring workers, as well as their efforts to achieve an adequately skilled workforce.

Employers who have recently hired newly trained workers will also be asked about their satisfaction with their new hires’ skills.

“A skilled workforce is essential if our state is to remain competitive and attract and retain jobs,” said AWB president Don Brunell, in a press release. “We hope employers will take a moment to participate in this survey. It will be extremely helpful in terms of aligning the needs of today’s workforce with the training students receive in our colleges.”

The surveys are conducted every other year and are analyzed by the state Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.

Survey results will be published later this year. To view the 2010 results, visit:  

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