Suzanne Storm chosen for Antarctic review panel

The National Science Foundation has selected Suzanne Storm, a senior marine scientist at Western Washington University’s Shannon Point Marine Center, to take part in the review panel for the Palmer Station Long-term Ecological Research program.

Storm was chosen for her expertise in food web dynamics of marine systems, she also has experience serving on review panels.

The Palmer program examines a polar marine environment focused on the Antarctic marine ecosystem that includes sea ice habitats, regional oceanography, and terrestrial nesting sites of seabird predators.

Storm will be at the station, located west of the Antarctic Peninsula, for four days in mid-December. The station is one of three United States research stations in Antarctica. The review panel will provide an assessment on whether the Palmer Station program is meeting its objectives and make recommendations.

Storm said in a press release that she is excited by the opportunity to set foot on this unique and extreme part of the Earth.


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