The changing face of Whatcom County

Who is coming to Bellingham, and why?
A look inside the numbers

Tasked with riding herd on the disparate groups involved in the G-P site efforts, Hager knows he’s in for a wild ride

Charly Myers
planning Dupont Street mixed-use project

Local builders having to get creative to build luxury homes on increasingly small plots of land

Highway’s businesses thriving in the summer sun
Contrary to popular belief, spring and summer are the busiest times of the year for businesses along the majestic route to Artist Point

Museum exhibit driving tourists downtown
‘The Good, The Bad, and The Custom’ bringing in bike enthusiasts — and tourist dollars — from around the region

New arrivals bring wealth of experience, knowledge
As new residents pour into the county, the BBJ talks to a number of these new arrivals to see what brought them here and what they plan on contributing to their communities

PR Web taking marketing to the masses
Ferndale firm hooking up small- and medium-sized businesses to the media using the Internet

Survey finds confidence on the rise
Index soars to highest point ever as economy grows

Tradespeople scarce as building boom rolls on
Building industry groups, local tech colleges working to promote trades to high schoolers in the hopes of boosting critically low numbers

There are few more terrifying words for the business owner. Here’s how you can prepare for the worst and make your day with the auditor a breeze


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