The Follow-up File

Subject: Lakeway Center remodel

What they said then: Back in August 2006, owners/brothers John and Dave Ennen said they had decided to give the Lakeway Center a facelift.   

The shopping center, which was built in 1974, had not been renovated since the late 1980s. The Ennens hired local architect David Christensen to draw up new plans for the center, which is home to a Cost Cutter grocery store.

The plans were to give the center a more “up-to-date” design, landscaping, improved parking, and potentially a few residential units. The preliminary design retained the center’s storefronts but added brick facades, a redesigned clock tower and use of more traditional design materials and elements overall.

At the time, Ennen said he hoped to start the remodeling project in fall 2006 or spring 2007.

What they say now: John said he and Dave are holding off on the remodel for now because the their major tenant, Brown & Cole, who owns Cost Cutter, is going through chapter 11 restructuring. John said they will wait to see what happens with the restructuring before moving ahead with the remodel.

“We’re still doing it, we’re just not sure exactly when,” John said. “Right now, the timing is up in the air.”

Brown & Cole filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November 2006.

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