Three new gadgets in today’s marketplace


Product: Wireless USB adapter

Product description: Plug and go with this wireless Internet adapter. Simply plug it into a USB port on your laptop or PC and it connects you to local wireless networks — no need for cumbersome ethernet cables. Plus, the adapter’s compact size allows it to be easily carried anywhere. Good for the office, the airport, or other public hotspots.

Manufacturers: Netgear, Linksys, D-Link

Price: $24.99 to $79.99

Where to buy: Most electronic stores


tattletale Base Unit and Rattler

Product description: The tattletale Base Unit is a completely self-contained portable alarm system that piggybacks the local cellular signal to a central computer which can send an alarm message to the fire department, police department or a cell phone. The alarm is equipped with a motion sensor, cellular radio, alarm panel, siren/strobe and a backup battery. The Base Unit controls up to 16 sensors on eight programmable alarm zones. Additional sensor accessories include the Rattler, which has magnets that allow it to be attached to anything metal within a 2,000-foot line of sight from the Base Unit. The Rattler detects motion of itself or the object it is attached to.

Manufacturer: tattletale Portable Alarm Systems

Price: $1,000 to $2,000 depending on packages and accessories

Where to buy: Security Solutions, 1619 N. State St., 734-4940


Product: MediaEdge

Product description: NEC’s MediaEdge is an integrated, server-based communication system that allows a business to communicate quickly and effectively. With this application, a central computer could generate a message or video that is then distributed to every computer or device on one or multiple local area networks. For examples, a university or business could disseminate emergency communications silently and instantaneously that would be seen on every computer or messaging device on campus or in the office. Messages can also be sent through pagers, phones, SMS text messages, emails, PDAs or a video distribution system.

Manufacturer: NEC

Price: $2,500 to unlimited depending on system configuration

Where to buy: Telenet Technologies, 1216 Bay St., 671-7127

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