Top properties

The following is a list of recent commercial and high-end residential property sales in Whatcom County. Top properties is compiled by Wendy Darling, with assistance from the county treasurer’s and assessor’s offices.


Residences above $700,000

Seller: Robert and Florence Brownridge
Buyer: Doug Sproule and Mona Winters, David and Tonya Morris
Description: 1 -story house with 2,157 square feet, 1,510 square foot finished basement, 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, built in 1992, remodeled in 1995, 336 square foot built-in garage, 720 square foot storage, 88 feet shorefront; marine view.
Address: 3536 South Bay Drive, Sedro- Woolley
Price: $1,200,000
Date: 01/24/08

Seller: Suzanne Ward
Buyer: Katherine and Karl Larsen
Description: 2 -story house with 2,440 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1997, 444 square foot attached garage, 776 square foot deck, 90 feet shorefront; marine view.
Address: 350 West Lake Samish Drive, Bellingham
Price: $981,000
Date: 01/28/08

Seller: Bruce and Darci Tinsley
Buyer: James and Susan Holstine
Description: 1 -story house with 1,954 square feet, 1,154 square foot finished basement, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, built in 1969, remodeled in 1996, 672 square foot detached garage, 1,166 square foot detached garage, 864 square foot detached garage, 1,310 square foot deck; territorial view.
Address: 881 East Lake Samish Drive, Bellingham
Price: $1,545,000
Date: 01/28/08

Seller: Dennis Laviolette
Buyer: Monte Clark and Wylie Rauch (Vancouver, B.C.)
Description: 2 -story house with 1,404 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1985, 70 feet waterfront, 70 feet tidelands; marine and territorial view.
Address: 775 Clair Lane, Point Roberts
Price: $719,000
Date: 01/30/08


Residential Land

Seller: John and Murrillisa Mitchell
Buyer: Roosevelt Land Company, LLC
Description: 6.50 wooded acres – sale includes a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, mobile home with 1,512 square feet, built 1998.
Address: 6045 Mt. Baker Highway, Deming
Price: $220,000
Address: 1/31/08

Seller: Homestead NW Dev. Co.
Buyer: John and Arlis Bosman
Description: Lot in Emerald Green.
Address: 1796 Emerald Way, Lynden
Price: $250,000
Date: 02/15/08

Seller: Marvis and Susan Kelley
Buyer: Walter Debruin (Chilliwack, B.C.)
Description: Lot with 60 feet waterfront, 60 feet tideland; good marine view.
Address: Oertel Drive, Blaine
Price: $440,000
Date: 02/15/08


Commercial Land

Seller: James Takisaki
Buyer: Bayfield Cranmay, LLC
Description: 1.73 wooded acres – highway commercial.
Address: Labounty Drive, Ferndale
Price: $225,127
Date: 01/24/08

Seller: Gary Logan
Buyer: Jacaranda Land Corporation
Description: 2 lots –central business.
Address: Blaine
Price: $7,500
Date: 01/25/08

Seller: Far North Ventures, LLC
Buyer: Jack in the Box, Inc. (San Diego, CA)
Description: Lot – Gateway industrial.
Address: 8140 Birch Bay Square St., Blaine
Price: $650,000
Date: 01/29/08

Seller: BettyEngler
Buyer: AES AT-1 Inc.
Description: 148.35 acres – agricultural with territorial view. 1 –story house with 1,694 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1924, remodeled in 1960 on property.
Address: 6132 Gadwa Road and Kaas Road, Ferndale
Price: $1,200,000
Date: 01/29/08

Seller: Bayfield @ Frontier Commons, LLC
Buyer: McGeo, LLC
Description: Portion of a 12.14 acres parcel – manufacturing.
Address: 1409 and 1415 Sunset Ave, Ferndale
Price: $669,635
Date: 01/31/08

Seller: SYB Holding Co., Inc.
Buyer: Dan and Teresa Brim (50% interest), Don and Mary McClary (25% interest) and Ron and Marilyn Bennettt (25% interest)
Description: 2.81 acres – general commercial.
Address: Grandview Road, Ferndale
Price: $1,225,000
Date: 02/08/08


Commercial Properties

Seller: Group 5, LLC
Buyer: Christian Hope Association
Description: 4 office units with a total of 18,660 square feet, built in 1955, remodeled in 1972.
Address: Units A, B, C, & D, 205 S. B.C. Ave., Lynden
Price: $367,500
Date: 12/31/08

Seller: Beverly Reed
Buyer: Kenoyer and Company, Inc. and William and Jerelyn Kramer
Description: 2 – story 4plex with 4,136 square feet, built in 1977; marine view.
Address: 916 11th St., Bellingham
Price: $800,000
Date: 01/24/08

Seller: Garsta Holdings, LLC
Buyer: Melissa Freeman and Peter Witecki
Description: Medical office with 2,447 square feet, built in 1979, remodeled in 2007.
Address: 7000 Guide Meridian Road, Lynden
Price: $485,000
Date: 01/28/08

Seller: Drake Condominiums, LLC
Buyer: 3111 Newmarket, LLC
Description: 5 new commercial condo units with a total of 5,824 square feet, built in 2007.
Address: #101, 104, 105, 106 and 108, 3111 Newmarket St., Bellingham
Price: $1,650,000
Date: 01/29/08

Seller: Joe and Jody Hoppis
Buyer: Donald and Julie Lamb
Description: Office with 600 square feet, built in 2005; marine view.
Address: #104, Morse Square Condominium, 1015 Railroad Ave., Bellingham
Price: $200,000
Date: 01/31/08

Seller: Dennis Hillard, Sr., and Kathy Hillard
Buyer: Baliu International, LLC
Description: Restaurant (Carol’s Girls Catering) with 1,304 square feet, built in 1950, remodeled in 1976, 1.25 acres wooded land plus a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, mobile home with 840 square feet, built in 1975.
Address: 5415 Mt. Baker Highway, Deming
Price: $300,124
Date: 01/31/08

Seller: Jerome and Judy Toon
Buyer: Glepco, LLC
Description: Warehouse and lumber storage shed (Bakerview Spur Lumber Co.) with a total of 5,472 square feet, built in 1978, remodeled in 1991, 680 linear foot chain link fence.
Address: 4010 Bakerview Spur, Bellingham
Price: $425,000
Date: 01/31/08

Seller: Edna Pike Revocable Living Trust
Buyer: Emmanouel and Marina Polichronakis
Description: Tavern, storage area and apartments with a total of 5,624 square feet, built in 1915, remodeled in 1926.
Address: 2023 Maine St., Ferndale
Price: $320,000
Date: 01/31/08

Seller: Stanley Velis
Buyer: Uy Family Limited Partnership
Description: Restaurant/storage area (Stanello’s) with 6,068 square feet, built in 1995, remodeled in 2001; territorial view.
Address: 1514 12th St., Bellingham
Price: $2,463,915
Date: 01/31/08

Seller: Gilbert and Rosetta Johnson
Buyer: BAS AT-1, Inc.
Description: 2 –story store with 8,484 square feet, built in 1925, remodeled in 1950; marine and territorial view.
Address: 4895 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Blaine
Price: $600,000
Date: 02/01/08

Seller: Hakam Singh and Kulwant Kaur
Buyer: Chahal Sanghera Enterprises, Inc.
Description: Service station with 2,508 square feet, 3 – 10,000 gallon tanks with monitoring system, built in 1977, remodeled in 2005.
Address: 4209 Meridian St., Bellingham
Price: $1,295,000
Date: 02/05/08

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