Top property sales, February 2009

The following is a list of recent commercial and high-end residential property sales in Whatcom County. Top properties is compiled by Wendy Darling with assistance from the county treasurer’s and assessor’s offices.


Residences above $700,000

Seller: Guy and Kathy Jansen
Buyer: William and Mikyn Bounds
Description: 1 -story house with 2,040 square feet, 1,478 square foot finished basement, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1955, 621 square foot attached garage, 574 square foot patio, cabin, 100 feet shorefront, 100 feet tidelands; marine view.
Address: 2301 Northshore Road, Bellingham
Price: $815,000
Date: 02/02/09


Residential Land

Seller: Odd and Carol Waade
Buyer: Daniel and Holly Whittle
Description: Wooded lot – marine and territorial view.
Address: Eliza Island, Bellingham
Price: $200,000
Date: 02/03/09

Seller: Point Roberts Water District
Buyer: Sky Illuminations Limited, A British Virgin Island Company
Description: Lot – territorial view – sewer connection only.
Address: Marina Drive, Point Roberts
Price: $100,000
Date: 02/06/09

Seller: Bradley Fields Investors, LLC
Buyer: Janis Taylor
Description: 3 – lots – territorial views.
Address: 1452, 1464 and 1476 Lupin St., Lynden
Price: $243,825
Date: 02/12/09

Seller: Bradley Fields Investors, LLC
Buyer: Michael Roberts
Description: 3 – lots – territorial views.
Address: 1463, 1475 and 1487 Larkspur St., Lynden
Price: $243,825
Date: 02/12/09

Seller: AT Investments, LLC and John and Patti Fairbanks
Buyer: Alvin White
Description: Lots 1 through 24 – Brickyard Cottages
Address: Kingsley Avenue and Bayview Avenue, Blaine
Price: $840,000
Date: 02/13/09


Commercial Land

Seller: Eugene Anderson , Douglas Anderson and Ray Freeman
Buyer: Raymond Basran (Langley, BC)
Description: 19.07 wooded acres – heavy impact industrial.
Address: Kickerville Road, Blaine
Price: $225,000
Date: 02/03/09

Seller: Michael and Diane O’Neill
Buyer: Jacaranda Land Corporation
Description: 2 lots – central business – marine view.
Address: Peace Portal Drive, Blaine
Price: $200,000
Date: 02/19/09


Commercial Properties

Seller: Nicholas Cihlar
Buyer: Jonathan and Jolie McGrath
Description: Church converted to offices, living area in basement with a total of 5,184 square feet, built in 1902, remodeled in 2003.
Address: 1430 North Garden St., Bellingham
Price: $380,000
Date: 01/23/09

Seller: Mission Holdings, Inc.
Buyer: Heritage Crest Properties, LLC
Description: Warehouse with 1,656 square feet, sale includes a 1 –story house with 982 square feet, built in 1929, 2.59 acres land.
Address: 3739 Mount Baker Highway, Everson
Price: $373,000
Date: 01/30/09

Seller: Diversified Holdings, LLC
Buyer: Tax Deferred Exchange Services, Inc. (Tacoma, WA)
Description: 2 – story, 12 – unit apartment building with 3,744 square feet, built in 1926.
Address: 1506 G St., Bellingham
Price: $475,000
Date: 01/30/09

Seller: McEvoy Oil Company
Buyer: GT Vwich Enterprises, LLC
Description: Mini-Mart and coffeehouse with a total of 2,086 square feet, 720 square foot skylight tower built in 1971, remodeled in 2004, 2 – 10,000 gallon tanks, 1 – 550 gallon tank.
Address: 1901 King St., Bellingham
Price: $529,000 (67% interest)
Date: 02/02/09

Seller: Greg and Marylee Rustand
Buyer: Pioneer Human Services
Description: 2 -story office with 5,514 square feet, built in 1992, remodeled in 1998, 32 parking spaces.
Address: 1641 Baker Creek Place, Bellingham
Price: $947,939
Date: 02/02/09

Seller: Barbara Davison
Buyer: Steve & Dee’s LLC
Description: Garage with 5,440 square feet, built in 1993, 480 square foot storage mezzanine.
Address: 4009 Iron Gate Road, Bellingham
Price: $190,000
Date: 02/02/09

Seller: Bellingham Woodway Master, LLC
Buyer: Woodway Holding Company, LLC (Bend, OR)
Description: 3 story – 47 unit retirement home with a total of 37,406 square feet, built in 1989, 2.11 acres wooded land.
Address: 1712 East Maplewood Ave., Bellingham
Price: $3,259,070
Date: 02/02/09

Seller: Whatcom Museum Society
Buyer: Sherman Bronsink
Description: 1 -story museum (Children’s Museum) with 4,770 square feet, built in 1916, remodeled in 1994; marine view.
Address: 221 Prospect St., Bellingham
Price: $500,000
Date: 02/19/09

Seller: Nancy Tedder, Paul Webb & Sharon Kahin, trust Will of George Kahin, KPM Bellingham, LLC Orio Hinman, Ann Boatmen, Michael Horswill and Stephen Horswill
Buyer: Commercial Street Associates, LLC
Description: Offices/mezzanine and finished basement with a total of 13,328 square feet, built in 1961, remodeled in 2000, 500 foot pedestrian bridge.
Address: 1331 Commercial St., Bellingham
Price: $1,200,000
Date: 02/20/09

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